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Choosing Manual Article Submission Over Automated Submission

Article submission is essential to the good maintenance of any website; especially a business related one where sales are dependent on it. Good articles are required to be posted in these web business sites to attract more web readers for a favorable sales decision. However, with the myriad of business operations that need the business owner’s attention, time and budget, article submission may be sidelined. Hence, companies that are serious in maintaining their pole positions in online markets should consider professional article submission services.

Types of submission

There are basically two types of article submission available to web businesses; automatic and manual article submission options. Although the submission strategies and objectives may be similar, the submission methods used differ.

The automatic article submission method tends to push through a large volume of articles to a large number of listing directories and search engines for a definite acceptance and posting. With the myriad of directories and search engines on the Internet today, it is not surprising that many of the articles would go through. However, the type of directories listed in may not be as desirable as these would probably be sub-standard choices.

Professional article submission services normally opt for the manual article submission avenue for a definite higher page rank with top search engines. The strategy of submission differs slightly from the automated version; fewer articles are submitted. These articles must be well written and of a high quality that would catch the attention of top listing directories and popular search engines.

A manual article submission ensures that the stringent selection and processing criteria of top search engines are complied with to gain a higher page rank that would draw in more web traffic.

Benefits of article submission

There is a greater degree of skills employed on manual article submissions. Article writers tend to be more meticulous in generating well written and relevant articles which are known to be manually submitted as there would be a greater degree of scrutiny on the quality and content.

Duplicate copies of articles are detected as spam by top search engines; hence, manual article submission process involves a meticulous and diligent checking of articles before submitting to popular search engines to avoid rejection and black listing.

Manual submission of articles ensures that the service providers take a careful stance on their submission process for their money’s worth. These experts would manipulate the best of SEO strategies for the submitted articles to gain the maximum inbound links that bring on more web traffic.

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Aspects of Good Article Submission Manipulation

In any web business site, articles are crucial elements to maintain the popularity of the business with repeated visits for a higher sales volume to be secured. Hence, good articles on a consistent flow are required to boost the presence of any business website as the myriad of sites on the Internet can easily push lagging ones very quickly back.

Preferred activity

Today, the Internet is a platform of great business opportunities with the right effort and knowledge manipulating the necessary and available options such as article submission. This has become the current trend in online business environment today where website development and maintenance are crucial with good content published.

Article submission has become a preferred activity to web businesses that seek a larger web presence with more web traffic that is generated into a higher sales figure and healthier bottom line. The process is quite straightforward although there may be some stringent conditions and requirements imposed by top search engines.

This popular activity requires good content to be sent to various directories consistently such that the articles would be accepted by top directories and ranked highly by popular search engines. However, article submission can prove to be tricky even for the inexperienced SEO provider.


Many webmasters experience rejections of articles sent in personally due to their lack of knowledge or requirements of article submission. They may be caught spamming directories with one article submitted to many directories. Hence, it is crucial to submit only good articles to top directories that will increase the page ranking and web traffic to the business site.

Manual article submission is still the best approach to avoid the risk of rejection by top search engines that employ stringent algorithms on page ranking. Manually sent articles are organic and spaced out to avoid being labeled as a spammer. Manual article submissions may be slower but more effective and consistent.

Service packages

Article submissions can be handled by SEO professionals who offer to execute manual article submissions on behalf of busy webmasters as manual submissions of articles must be done slowly without raising the suspicion of top search engines.

A professional SEO service package can include article generation, approval and submission for an affordable fee on a monthly or quarterly basis. These can include the number of articles to be generated and sent to respectful search engines or directories on a regular basis. Web business sites require a constant upload of fresh and interesting articles to captivate the web readers for a larger sales opportunity.

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