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We are so very happy that many people read EgypToday. It is a lot of work to put together this paper and we appreciate your appreciation! We'd like to give a shoutout to Hatshepsut for pharaoh of the New Kingdom! We hope you are reading this! ♡

Hatshepsut Gone Wild?

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"At first I thought she was a man, long beard and all!" says Ankahta. Many people saw our pharaoh, Hatshepsut, walking out and about dressed like a man! Some think she was trying to prove a point, but others thought she was just crazy. Shenafra says, "We should respect our pharaoh, even though I've seen her like this before!"
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Coincidence? I think not!

People have been wondering about Hatshepsut's husband's "mysterious" disappearance. Some think Hatshepsut murdered him on purpose to become pharaoh! Some think he died in a chariot crash while on a long journey or bit by a poisonous snake. Who knows? "I...can't believe his deathஇ_இ. It's SUCH a tragedy, but I guess I could take over, " said Hatshepsut a few weeks ago, right after his death. Message to the palace (On Ra Road) if you've seen anything. Please report immediately!

Hatshepsut Helping Out

Although her husband is gone, she has been taking on the role of both mother and father (No, not by dressing like a man). She has been helping her son learn to be a great pharaoh, "I am trying my best to teach him. He should be a great pharaoh, I mean, he's learning from the best \( ̄▽ ̄)/," said Hatshepsut. All of the townspeople can't wait to see how her son will turn out.


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Locust No More!

Have you seen the first locusts yet? They're headed our way! Worried about your crops? Shaking in your hay beds? Well, now you have Locust No More! it is one of the best locust repellents in Egypt. Save your crops today with our annual sale! This product has been in use since Thutmose the first. Come on down to 34 Amun Avenue (Next to Tefnut's Temple) for your locust repellent!

Meet Hatshepsut and Thutmose III

The winning symbols for our lottery was.... ∆£Ç∏◊Ô

New Jobs

Calling All Scribes!

Pharaoh Hatshepsut is working on a grand project. We need the best scribes to help out. If you are a scribe looking for a job with great payment and being part of something amazing, then come on over to the palace on Ra Road for an application (written on a piece of clay).
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Enroll Your Child Today

Enroll your little sprout in our school today. We provide so many levels of education. Our school is run by the best priests around. Our student learn hieroglyphs and much more. Here we teach our students discipline and perseverance. The school is located just outside the temple which is near the palace on Ra Road.

New News

What are these new long yellow fruits?

Recently, Hatshepsut introduced these new fruits, or so we think, to everyone. They are long and come in bunches. Have you seen the yellow fruits? If you stop by the Majesty Market they have a lot of them there. Some are even a little green! Just eat them quickly, or else they begin to turn brown. Thanks Hatshepsut!
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A new tomb is made!

Recently, the Common building team has finished another tomb. They built it for Bensu Perhamta who died about 1 month ago. He will be placed into his sarcophagus soon. All family and friends, please report to Afterlife Avenue in 19 moons. Thank you! We hope Bensu has a great afterlife.

Cow For Sale *moo*

if you are a farmer looking for a cow, full of milk, then come on down to the breeding grounds on Animal Avenue! This cow is a 3 year old female. She is cocoa brown with milk white spots! She will be sold for no less than 500 shekels. Come on down!

Have you been healthy?

Recently, a new disease that we are calling the "small pox" has been spread around. A few moons ago, the first victim, Amunetah, was killed by this terrible disease. Several other have been diagnosed in these past moons, too. If you wish to stay healthy, try not to interact with other that have dots all over them! Well, that's it for today's news. Thanks for reading!