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Health Services May 2015

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Alabama Board of nursing (ABN) has declared: 2015 Year of the Nurse. This is milestone year for Alabama nurses, as ABN observes the Centennial Celebration.

I thought I would share this informative 30 min video discussing the evolution of nursing in Alabama since 1888.

National Association of School Nurses (NASN)

Wed, May 6th 2015 we celebrate National School Nurse Day. The theme this year “School Nurses: Caring for Others. Caring for Ourselves. according to Carolyn Duff, MS, RN, NCSN, NASN president, “This theme speaks of the significant healthcare roles of school nurses in school communities across the country, as well as important roles in creating a culture of health and care coordination. School nurses lead the way to advance health and support education by ensuring that students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. School nurses focus both on population health and individual health. Well-being for students and families are served through health education, modeling of healthy lifestyle choices and school-based management of chronic diseases. School nurses are healthcare connectors among providers, parents and communities, working to bolster student attendance and wellness. Quality school health services demand school nursing skills and practices based on strongest scientific evidence, and school nurses engage in continuous updating of knowledge and skills to best serve student needs. Research confirms that early access to care and prevention strategies are vital to normal growth and development. School nurses are protecting and promoting student health beginning in the early years and continuing all the way through high school. You are alert to student healthcare needs at each vulnerable stage and stand ready to make referrals and ensure early intervention.”


HCS BOE Resolution for National School Nurse Day for HCS Nurses

You are all invited to attend the upcoming board meeting on May 7th at 5:30pm at MERTS Board Room (second floor MERTS) to receive the resolution. Nurses will be called down for a group photo.


End of the Year Medication Disposal

Remember, medication may NOT be left in the clinic during the summer! Please follow the FDA medication disposal guidelines along with HCS policy/procedure when wasting left-over medication:{181E1964-5426-4439-B502-87E8AA3EC651}


End of the School Year Clinic Closing

Please view updated HS-P2-W2 End of School Year Clinic Closing there was an error regarding sending out Management Plans on the old form.

**You only need to send out Management Plans to those students who currently have meds and/or Management Plans on file**


Medication Assistant Classes for 2015-16 School Year

July Medication Assistant Class- Instructor Anne Sheaves

July 27 (8a-4p) in community room

July 28th (8a-12p) in gold room

Class limited to 20 people

September Medication Assistant Class- Instructor Andrea Penn

September 15 (8a-4p) in community room

September 16th (8a-11a) in community room

Class limited to 40 people

Participants must have approval from onsite nurse and principal and register via STI to attend. If unable to enroll via STI, have participant email the instructor.


School Year 2015-16 Teacher First Aid Kits

Teacher first aid kids will be made and distributed by the on-site nurse. Supplies will be delivered to your schools by the first of the school year.


Print Shop and Management Plan Distribution

Just a reminder that when ordering forms to use the "HCS-#" and NOT the "HS-#" (Lean Frog #). You can also request forms using the specific packet title.


Summer School

If you have any students that currently have medication on file in the clinic and will be attending summer school, please hold on to their 2014-15 MAR!!! The print shop no longer has any of these MARs.


Stocked EpiPens

Please email the expiration dates of your stocked EpiPens ASAP to,, and If any of your stocked EpiPens expire over the summer, please hold onto them until further notice.



Do NOT request/order clinic cards at the beginning of next school year until Health Services has instructed you to do so. This is VERY important!


PEEHIP Extends Wellness Program Deadline to July 15, 2015

AED Batteries, Face Shields, and CPR

AED Batteries: Check the expiration dates of your AED(s) and email Brandi before the end of the school year.

Face Shields: Will be distributed at Health Services by Brandi when you turn in your clinic keys.

CPR: Also, check with Lee Ann Glass regarding the CPR skills check off.


Upcoming CEU Workshops and Events

Please see below SharePoint link for upcoming CEU Workshops and Events:

Thank you, Lisa Mullane, for the following information:

The American Nurse Project includes an award winning book, a feature length documentary, and an ongoing series of interviews, all focused on raising the volume of the nurse’s voice in this country.

Special Nurse's Appreciation Week Screenings: Wednesday May 6th at 12:00pm & 7:15pm
Carmike theater at Valley Bend 18, 1485 4 Mile Post Road Southeast, Huntsville, AL.

Any nurse that watches the film, in theaters or online, will be able to get CE credits through our partners at A portion of all proceeds benefit a scholarship fund for nurse education through the American Nurses Foundation.


Uses of Vinegar and Baking Soda in the Clinic Setting

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Vinegar as a Cleaner

Vinegar is especially good at cleaning off sticky, gummy residues left behind by things like price labels and stickers. It is also good at breaking down lime scale and hard water marks. Mix it in equal measure with hot water and apply with a cloth over the affected surface. For more serious lime scale deposits soak the offending item in the mixture if possible, or if not, use undiluted vinegar. Cleaning g-tube and nebulizer tubing:

Twice a week, take apart the nebulizer and soak the pieces in vinegar for 30 minutes. Rinse the pieces in distilled water before setting them aside on a towel to air dry.

Read more :

Baking Soda as a Cleaner

Baking soda poured onto an abrasive cloth also acts as a good surface cleaner, especially on grease and soap scum. You can also use it to replace some of the washing powder you use in your washing machine. Substitute about half the powder with baking soda for a cheaper, greener alternative.


Brag Box

Andrea at the "Tijuana Zonkeys" Game

Yes, our very own Andrea Penn and her amiga, Judy, hanging out in Mexico at the "Tijuana Zonkeys" game. This is their professional basketball team.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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Jana's Chihuahua, Pete, says "Happy Cinco De Mayo, Everybody!!!" and "Me encanta verano" (translation: "I love summer").


Happy Birthday!!!

Deborah Drake- May 28th