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Carl Cozier News ~ April 26, 2020

Note from the Principal

Dear Families,

I hope this note finds you and your family healthy. You are never far from our thoughts as we figure out how to navigate this new "normal". Everyone at Cozier is working hard to ensure that your family has what you need, including food, technology, supplies, support with online learning and any other basic need. We are here to help, so please reach out.

My cell number to call or text is: 360.988.3600 or you can always email me at

Please take a few minutes to read the information below. Sending you lots of Cozier Cougar love, even while we are all apart.

Warm Regards,

Ari Feeney

Expected Learning

Knowing that our building will remain closed for the rest of the school year, it is important that all students have daily access to Seesaw so that teachers can support home learning activities. The weekly learning menus that are posted each Monday specifically target the most important learning standards for each grade level. This expected learning will help students continue to grow their academic skills, even during our building closure.

Your child’s teacher is committed to the following:

  • Posting a weekly learning menu every Monday morning
  • Creating a daily video that specifically teaches one of the items on the learning menu
  • Responding to one post from every child, daily
  • Working with families, via email or Seesaw, to ensure that every child can access the learning activities

We ask that all students/families commit to the following:

  • Log into the Class App version of Seesaw daily
  • Complete one learning activity daily
  • Comment and post work daily
  • Ask questions to help clarify expectations

Our goal is that 100% of our Cozier Cougars engage in online learning and we will do whatever it takes to help each family have equitable access. We also recognize that life is stressful and uncertain right now. Please know that we are here to support, to offer grace and to provide resources to your family. Please do not hesitate to reach out and know that we are here to help all children be safe, healthy and continue to learn.

Cozier Love Video

Many of you saw our Cozier Love video in this week’s Friday Assembly or on Facebook. Our teachers wanted to express to every one of our students just how much they are loved. Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. I’ve included a link to the video here if your family would like to keep it. Please know that it was made with love. 😊 Also, a special shout out to Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Dowd, for her spiffy iMovie skills to put it all together! Click here to watch Cozier Love

Creating a Routine at Home

A routine or schedule could be your new best friend! Kids are used to a schedule at school and thrive with routine. Mostly, a consistent routine may save your sanity!

Here are a few tips:

  • Create a daily schedule - Keep it simple, post in a visible location and use it daily! Useful tip: Mimic the school routine Have scheduled times to learn and play. Children need unstructured play and creative outlets to work through stress and big emotions.
  • Setup a work spot - Have your child pick a favorite place in the house to work on schoolwork.
  • Get Outdoors - Include outdoor time every day if you can. It will make a big difference in everyone's mood.
  • Morning & Night-time Routines - Have consistent wake-up, get dressed, start your day and bed-time routines.

If you have questions or need support feel free to reach out to school counselor, Renee Kenady at

Mark Your Calendar!

Every Monday

  • Food Distribution – come to Carl Cozier OR Regency Park every Monday, 11:00-12:30pm for a food box. Each box contains 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches as well as a bag of fruits/veggies and a half gallon of milk. Food items include things like bread, tuna, Mac & Cheese and various snack items. If this would be helpful for your families, we would love to see you. If you can’t make the Monday distribution, let me know and we will deliver or make other arrangements.
  • New Learning Menu Posted – Monday is the day that your child’s teacher posts the new learning menu for the week. Each menu includes math, reading, writing, science/social studies, SEL and art lessons. Check it out and make a plan for completion for the week. Pro Tip: Click the button below the menu that says, “view original”, then safe the .pdf to your desktop for easy access throughout the week.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

  • Look for great daily videos from your child’s teacher (and maybe a guest teacher too!). Help your child watch the videos and consider ways that your child might work on that specific learning activity.

Every Friday
  • Specialist video – every Friday, you’ll see an extra special video from Music Teacher, Ms. Campbell or PE teachers, Mr. Lund or Mr. Carlson. These videos connect to the learning menu item for the week and are great fun. Check it out!
  • Friday Assembly video – I’ll be posting our weekly Friday Assembly video to Seesaw every Friday morning. This is a great way to help students maintain the routine of school. I love seeing reply comments and welcome “content” for the Assembly (singing of the school song, pet photos, fun activity photos, etc). Feel free to send them my way! Text or email is best (see info above)

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