Greek and Roman Contributions!

By: Madison Anthony


This is a Greek contribution. The Greeks did pottery. The pottery was orange and black. They used the pottery as containers. The containers held water, wine and olive oil. The pottery usually told story's about life.

Today we are still creating art like painting and sculpting. There is still pottery being made.

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This is a Greek contribution. There is 3 types of columns. Doric, Ionic and Corinthain. The Doric column was a simple design. The Ionic column was in the middle of the designs. Finally the Corinthain was the fanciest design.

Today we have historic buildings, office buildings, houses and any other buildings you see.

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This is a Greek contribution. From the Greeks we get the alphabet, names, vocabulary, literature and language.

Today we still use those things. We also go to school where we learn more about those things.

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Development of the Aqueducts

This is a Roman Contribution. Aqueducts are a canal like structure. It was used to bring water back to the Romans. The water came from springs.

Today we have a more advanced system, plumbing system. Most houses have a plumbing system.

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Sports and Entertainment

This is a Greek contribution. The Greeks played Olympic sports. They were for Zeus. Some of the sports they did were foot races, wresting, long jump and disus throwing.

Today we still have the Olympics. The Olympics happen every 4 years. We still play the same sports and more. Some other sports are lacrosse, baseball, football and soccer.

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