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Masterarts Opens at Last!

Owner at Masterarts Studios: Drew Crocker has decided to open the 2016-17 Masterarts Studios. During the opening of this program, Mr. Crocker has decided to put some new categories into Masterarts. One of these is the Photography Department. In this Department, we will teach you how to take pictures and edit them to make the photograph more interesting. There are also many other new departments. Join Masterarts today to see the rest.

Masterarts Represenative completed 10.0 Maze in a flash!

Mr. Daniel McGinley (Co-Owner of the Masterarts program) has completed the absolute hardest maze during his time with working with Drew Crocker (Owner) in the Maze department. Other people and Masterarts Experts proved this maze to be extremely difficult. One person trying to complete the maze said "I can't do it. I just cant do it" Shortly after Mr. McGinley solved the maze, the person found that it was very possible.