Almost Break Time

We Have Been Busy

I can't believe its Winter Break after Tuesday! We have worked so hard this quarter and have made huge gains academically! The expectations have been high, but they seem to be mastering them left and right! I updated their binder goals Friday, so please check and celebrate with them on how many more sight words they know! Since just about every student has mastered letters and sounds, I will be rooming those after break and adding new goals for CVC words and nonsense word fluency. If your child is still working on meeting the first and second quarter sight words, or letters and sounds in their binder, PLEASE keep working with them over break to master these! We don't want anyone to fall behind!


Writing is where we have really been working hard. We spent a lot of time the last few weeks working on adding a main idea sentence, with details added to it. Along with working on making our stories more interesting, we have to remember to add finger spaces, spell sight words correctly, use capital letters and punctuation marks. This is where it can become frustrating for a student who may still be struggling to put sounds together to make words. I have been very happy with their progress. I love how many students are so eager to pick work on writing during daily 5 even after they spend 30 minutes writing in the morning!


We have been reading lots of non fiction stories about holidays the last few weeks. We have talked about how even if it's not the holiday we celebrate, its important to learn about others and how things may be important to others. While reading non fiction texts we are looking for facts and information to report. The kids have been doing so good at listening for details.

Small group reading

As always, each day during daily 5, I pull small groups based on their reading level to work on skills their particular group needs to keep moving forward. The kids are really starting to make gains. Around this time of year you will see your child get the "click" of reading and take off! They are learning to read books with less sight words and more words that require using strategies we have learned to figure out. It is so neat to watch "the click" happen. Keep reading at home! The expectations of reading levels keep jumping, and we need them to keep achieving!
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Monday and Tuesday Theme

On Monday wear exercise clothes!

Tuesday red and green or holiday attire! Lets be festive!

Tuesday is an early release day!