Survival Tips From 2 Chicks

Yeah that's right we survived the Amazon Jungle.


You might want to make sure you get a few things from your resources around you. For example, we crashed on an airplane, so the majority of items on this list can be found on an airplane.

1. Parachute- can be used as shelter

2. Radio- can be used as a communication device

3. Food- that's a given...

4. First Aid Kit- treatment of wounds

5. Blankets- warmth

6. Matches- build fire

7. Clothing from Suitcases- weather protection

8. Air Marshals Gun- protection

9. Beverages (water bottles)- it's obvious

10. Luggage (contains useful items)- carrying and resourcefulness from items

Obtaining water:

- Trees

- Streams

- Ground

- Water Falls

- Rain

Indication of Water Sources:

- Animal Tracks

- Mud

- Moss

- Birds

- Plants

Storage of Water:

-Water bottles

-box from first aid kit

Julia Adkins

Always keeps a level head in scary situations. She can fit into small spaces to protect herself, and can climb the tallest trees to obtain fruits or water.

Valerie Bonnett

Fierce. Determined. Ready to dash if trouble arises. Valerie can always tell you your whereabouts, whether it be in the Amazon or New York City.
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Daily Struggle of Survival

Hardship: Along the way we ran out of food and didn't know where to turn. Sadly, we had to resort to cannibalism and Julia and I were forced to consume our third party member. May she rest in peace.

Accomplishment: One day when we were searching the jungle for somewhere to sleep, we stumbled along a large cave. Intrigued, we ventured inside, nestled in the corner of the large rock structure, was a ferocious beast. Startled, it lunged at us, and using only our bare hands, we defeated the animal together.

Extraction Point

We ventured throughout the jungle for many days and nights until we ended up on the edge of the ocean where we then worked to signal a plane to bring us home.