February 2016

What's Happening in PACE?

Summer Institute for Gifted Students (SIGS)

Registration for summer school begins on Monday, February 22. Online registration instructions can be found at the PISD website.

First Grade

First Graders read the book "A Snake is Totally Tail" by Judi Barrett. The students demonstrated advanced writing skills by writing their own stories using alliteration.
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Second Grade

Second graders are creating a sightseeing tour using Google Earth. During their tour, they will be researching interesting facts from five different places.
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Third Grade

This week, the students are learning how astronomers use scientific notation to express very large distances that exist in the solar system. We discussed how scientific notation is based on powers of ten and helps express very large numbers in a compact way.
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Fourth Grade

This week, the students have been learning about the history of robotics-- from Leonardo DaVinci's "knight robot" to present day robots. During this unit, they are keeping a journal of the many topics that are discussed- including Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.
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Fifth Grade

Let the games begin! Our Stock Market Game is underway. The students have researched various companies, and they have decided on several that they are interested in investing in. Every group has made at least one trade this week. Over the next few weeks, they will be watching the current economic trends. Should they buy, sell, or hold?
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