Cost of Pursuing a Dream

Inner Peace

Gatsby's Sacrifice

If you are pursuing a dream you have to sacrifice some inner peace. Wether its a little or a lot there will always be some amount of stress on you mentally or physically and that can really take a toll on you.Gatsby would throw parties just to see Daisy and be with Daisy "I believe on the first night I wenet to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests invited... I had acctually been invited. A chauffer in a uniform of robin's-egg blue crossed my lawn early that saturday morning with a suprisingly formal note from his emloyer; The honor would be entirely Gatsby's, it said' (41)

The Cost

Pursuing happiness can be a hard thing to do but the question is... Is it worth it? In the great Gatsby, Gatsby's quest to get the love of his life "Daisy" was handful but to him that one summer with Daisy everything was well worth it. That summer foreshadows the end of the book with Gatsbys death. In his mind he had lived his life fully so when he took the fall for Daisy the reader had a sense that gatsby was ready to go. He sacrificed him self so daisy would love him and to him that was worth it.

The Real World

Giving up inner peace is hard to do in your life but instead of relaxing, hard work usually has to be put in to achieve a goal. An example in my life would be Football. Eventhough I give up so much of my time and put in so much energy it will be well worth it in the end. Even if I dont get a state ring the lessons I learn in football will carry over into real life situations. In my opinion the four years that I will play football and all the hell I have been put through it will all be worth it in the end.

Mrs. Henson

The best teacher ever in the Universe I just hope she knows I am so greatful for her and for people like her who will put in time and effort to help a kid succeed in the class room and in life:)