Film and Freedom Portfolio Project

Composition II Spring 2016

Project Requirements

By the end of the semester you will complete

  • Three Essays
  • Documentary Film/Video
  • Complete Portfolio
  1. Visual Rhetoric Reflection
  2. Core Values Statement
  3. Two of the Three essays
  4. Annotated Bibliography

Portfolio Essays Formatting

  • MLA Formatted
  • 1000-1200 Words Each
  • Four to five sources (in addition to the films)


Develop three essays examining topics dealing with the media and justice

Two will be used for the portfolio

Try to connect your essays so you can continue your research on one area of study

Use the films to guide your explorations

Topic Ideas

Films and Freedom | Discuss the social context of all three films

Media and Crime | How the media has hindered the judicial process?

Social Media and Justice | How has Social Media helped exonerate prisoners?

Innocents Project | Why are more criminals being found innocent?

Case Study | Develop a project that covers a particular crime that fits these themes

Due Dates

Each Film we study will have the accompanying assignments

  • Readings and Discussion Boards
  • Critical Engagement Worksheet
  • Draft Submission
  • *One annotated bibliography

Due dates for specific assignments will be posted on Blackboard