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Mountain Moving Faith

Mountain Moving Faith

Jesus the Greatest Leader of all time, said the following, "if you speak to this mountain and say be thou removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt in your heart, but believe whatsoever things you say, you shall have it".

We live in this world, but we are not of this world. We are heavenly citizen in an earthly country. We are living, moving, breathing embassies of the Christ. In order to accomplish all our objectives that Christ has for us we need to use our ambassadorial powers. We have heavenly diplomatic immunity. With the delegated authority that Christ has given us, we can speak to mountains in our lives and command there to be change. We can cast away mountains out of our path so that we can be on the fast track to destiny.

Prayer Today: Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I speak to the mountains that are standing in my way and command them to move in Jesus mighty name! Thank you for hearing my prayer. Now, I thank & praise you because my destiny is safe, just ahead and on-time! In Jesus Name, Amen!!!


Anointed Evangelist, Pastor. Graduated from Oral Roberts with a degree in Theology. Has a Master's Degree in Leadership from Mid-America Christian University. Married to Jamie James, professional counsellor. Two children, daughter Hadassah & son Liam Thomas James.