Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume VII - August 30, 2013

Welcome Back!

We are excited to be back at school and to work with you again this year! There have been a few changes in our iCoach team since our last newsletter.

First, we have to say farewell to our colleague and friend, Josh Cole. Mr. Cole was given the opportunity to be a teacher at the High School, and we are so excited for him. We know that he will be a great asset to their team and a great teacher to his students. We are sad to see him go, but we know great things are in store for him!

We also added some new members to our team. Larry Moore will be joining us as an iCoach for the High School. He has worked for many years in the district, and we are excited about the knowledge and skills he will be sharing with us.

Pat Perez will now be the iCoach for Parmley Elementary. Mrs. Perez came to us from Conroe ISD where she worked as a Librarian. She will still be a Librarian (ILS) here, but will also be an iCoach as well. We are looking forward to getting to know her, and we know how much Parmley will enjoy working with her.

We are also adding the ILS - Information Learning Specialists (formally known as the Librarians) to our team. They will be working with us to help you in your classroom. This is new for all of us, and we are excited about all the possibilities!

Our First Tech Expo!

This year we held our very first Tech Expo! The Tech Expo was a great opportunity for teachers to see how technology is being utilized in our district. We had everything from tablets to interactive white boards displayed in the booths. We would like to thank our Administrators from each campus for loaning us their "Techy Teachers". We would also like to thank our presenters. We couldn't have done it without you!

Our Presenters were Dana Schultz, Charlotte Wood, Ashley Soose, Nancy Foster, Kathy McManus, Amy Rogers, Rachel Rockwell, Stacey Scott, Sara Cummins, Megan Little, Tiffany Bird, Sheryl Ragone, Judi Thomas, Eric Burns, Monica Vallejo, Heather Paugh, Staci Korkowski, Linda Carter, Pat Perez, Jennifer Richter, Alexandria Deschensky, Pam Lane, Jo Broome, Beverly Cruz, Christine Hughes, Niki Chesson, Megan Pawaloski, Season Bodak, Kim Allen, Jodi Christie, Jane Pavelka, Janet Whorton, Melissa Griffin, Jim Korkowski, Cecilia King, Ann Rangel and Jackie Sumrall.

Brought to you by:

Tink Jones, Jean Eaton, Larry Moore, Pat Perez and Courtney Brown