Love & Consequences 4: Rock Stars

by Sabrina A. Eubanks

Rock Stars, Now Available!

Love & Consequences 4: Rock Stars by Sabrina A. Eubanks

Lucas Cain and Noah Ramsey are first grade detectives and partners in the NYPD. They are the ones to call when you need to get the job done right the first time. Because of their reputation for being so good at what they do, their fellow officers call them Rock Stars. The title is well earned from a successful prolonged string of spectacular busts and takedowns that garnered them the ultimate respect from their peers; begrudged or not. But the boys in blue didn’t make it to where they are without their own fair share of heartache, tears, and pain.

Drama has been an unwanted shadow hanging over them for quite some time and they’ve both lost a lot along the way. When Noah barely walks away from a dangerous bust with his life, he starts to see things a bit differently than before and finally realizes what’s really important in life—thanks to the love of a good woman, Leah Wheeler.

Lucas also has to face some tough choices of his own. After surviving the aftermath of taking down two extremely dirty cops and discovering along the way, that the beautiful detective, Nicole, whom he’s given his heart to after having lost the love of his life is also dirty, Lucas is emotionally tapped out and thinking of halting his quest for true love and reverting back to his player ways.

Trapped in a constant state of flux and turmoil, Lucas is really thrown for a loop with a blast from the past that he never saw coming. He and Noah are simultaneously thrown back into the hunt for an evil madman with the reemergence of a villain they thought they’d put down. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Can the villain be bested? Will Noah be tamed? Will Lucas settle the demons of his past? They say there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel…a beacon of hope…will it be allowed to burn bright, or will everything fade to black?

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Lucas thought about what he said before he said it. “I’m not gonna let Delilah force herself on me, Noah. I’m not gonna kiss her ass, lie to her, and say a whole lotta shit I don’t mean just to make her feel better about walkin’ off and leavin’ her son. Let her suffer and take all that shit straight to hell with her when she dies. Save your breath, Noah. I won’t even do it for you.”

Noah shook his head and looked at him like he’d just yelled a bad word in church. “Wow, Luke. That was a really fucked up thing to say.”

“I don’t care, Noah. I meant it!”

Noah put his hand on Lucas’ shoulder, “I don’t think you did. I think you’re really fuckin’ angry and really fuckin’ hurt. That bein’ said, your disposition still sucks. I hope you don’t spit on her when you finally see her.”

“Spit on her? Come on, No, I—” Something caught Lucas’ attention and he stopped talking mid-sentence. There was a flurry of movement down the block. A white Lexus pulled up in front of their undercovers and the occupants started a loud, verbal exchange with them. A big dude got out of the back seat, talking loud and brandishing a big shiny gun.

Lucas turned his head. “Noah – ” he started, but Noah was already requesting back-up. They flipped their badges out of their coats at the same time and started running. As was par for the course, everything started to happen at once. The crowd that had gathered at the start of the confrontation started to scatter when one of the undercovers pulled his service weapon. Lucas unholstered his own weapon and knocked the safety off.

He heard the undercover distinctly bark, “Police! Drop your weapon! On your fuckin’ knees. Now!” His fellow undercovers sprang into action as the big guy with the gun fired on the officer pointblank; he went down like he was dead and the other officers instinctively started shooting in retaliation.

“Hold your fire! Stop shooting!” Lucas hollered, as Noah picked up his warning, yelling it too. Lucas knew they were shouting it mostly to follow protocol. The NYPD was always under a microscope for excessive force and there had been a few high-profile cases in the past few years. They were trying to prevent this from becoming another one of them, but it seemed no one was listening.

The doors to the Lexus flew open and two guys came out shooting, popping off shots with some very expensive hardware.

“Police! Drop your weapon!” Noah yelled. One of the shooters turned and fired at him. Noah skidded and dropped into a tumble, ducking the spray of gunfire. When Noah popped back up, he took the shooter’s ass out with two body shots. The other shooter took one look at Lucas and brought up his gun to fire at him, but Lucas was, thankfully, too close. Lucas tackled him and they hit the ground hard, but this kid must have realized he was looking at major time for attempting to fire at an officer if he was caught, so he refused to be restrained. But that was cool, because Lucas refused to let him go.

The kid swung on him and caught him in the jaw. Lucas felt the harsh sting of the blow, but the pain didn’t really register deep within him because he was dead set on gaining control of the kid’s gun arm. Lucas grabbed the kid’s wrist with both hands and wrestled his gun hand over his head.

“Drop the fuckin’ gun!” Lucas yelled. The gunman declined, and Lucas twisted his wrist and banged his hand on the ground. He’s droppin’ this goddamn gun, Lucas swore to himself; the gunman yelped, but didn’t let go of his gun. He started pistoning his legs against the ground to give him purchase enough to turn over, pushing against Lucas with all his strength.

Lucas couldn’t believe it, but before he knew it, he was going over. The kid had gained enough leverage to heave Lucas off of him. He twisted and turned his body and pushed himself away from Lucas.

“Oh shit!” Lucas moved fast and scrambled after him. He brought the kid down again just before hearing Noah call his name. He barely heard him over the loud-ass sirens. Lucas rolled on the ground with the gunman and fought for the gun. Lucas finally wrenched the weapon from him just as the kid pushed against him one last time and forced him off of him again.

“Lucas! Look out!” he heard Noah shout.

Lucas turned his head just in time to see the squad car as it smashed into him. He was very aware of his feet leaving the ground and he felt his head slam into the hard pavement when he landed.

( Continued... )

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