Khushi P

Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in Europe. It's longitude and latitude is 42.3755 degrees north and 25.1629 degrees East. Some of the surrounding countries are Greece,Republic of Macedonia,and Serbia. Geographical features near Bulgaria are the Balkan mountains, Danube,and cape Emine. Bulgaria has always been its own country and never been part of another country at any point.
Bulgaria joined the Europen Union in January 2007. But Bulgaria was not a founder of the European Union.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that Bulgaria was founded 7000 years ago? Did you also know that they shake there head to say yes and nod for no?

What attracts people to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has many nice beaches. One of them is even called sunny beach because it's so pretty and exotic. They have many natural museums of history. FUN FACT: Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and hasn't changed its name since it was established. Some physical features they have are deep river valleys,gorges,plateaus,hills,plains,mountains, and basins.