Ms. Klein's Second Grade Newsletter

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Week...

During this first week of our new topic unit, we will read Penguin Chick, about emperor penguins and how they raise their babies. We'll learn more about these incredible animals in the informational text Emperor Penguins. Both of these selections will give us information to use as we think about the question "How do animals care for their young?"

Target Vocabulary: finally, junior, otherwise, slippery, steer, waterproof, webbed, whistle

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels er (father), ir (bird), ur (nurse)

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a dictionary

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details - tell important ideas and details about a topic

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/predict - use text clues to figure out important ideas

Writing Focus: Informative/explanatory writing - problem - solution paragraph.

Math: We started our unit on Topic 11: Three - Digit Addition and Subtraction. Throughout the unit students will need to focus on regrouping and paying attention to key vocabulary to understand what operation they will need to complete.

Writing: We are in the middle of our assessment for our district writing assessment. The students are working hard on all of their writing goals and my hope is that we should be completed with this task in the next two weeks.

Upcoming Black Bob Events

Monday Feb. 15

No School

Tuesday Feb. 16 D Day

Wednesday Feb. 17 E Day

2nd Grade Field Trip 9 -2 pm

Thursday Feb. 18 A Day

Friday Feb. 19 B Day

BRAG band rewards

Spirit Day: Twin Day

Next Week:

Monday Feb. 22 C Day

Tuesday Feb. 23 D Day

5th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday Feb. 24 E Day

5th Grade Field Trip

3:30 Student Council

Thursday Feb. 25 A Day

1:00-6:00 Kindergarten Round Up

Friday Feb. 26 B Day