My Smore Flyer


divison is easy!

STEP 1 To get started first you have to put the dividing house.

STEP 2 Then witch every number came first in the problem goes inside the house.

STEP 3 then if it is a problem, for example 32 divied by 42 you see 32 go into 4.

STEP 4 No, It does not 32 go into 42. Yes so how many times can 32 go in to 42? 1.

STEP 5 So you put that 1 over the 2 because that's the end of the number you divided.

ETRA If your wondering how you got the one it's because if you do 32 times 2 you get 64 that's over 42 so its one times 32 witch is 32 so that close to 42.

STEP 6 So now subtract 42 from 32 witch is 10.

STEP 7 If and if the number you got from subtracting is smaller then the number then the number under the house that's your remainder .

yayyyy! great job! so now you know division is that easy!

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