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Try Out Requirements

Candidates must meet all extracurricular participation criteria in academics, citizenship, and attendance for the current school year. Academic eligibility to try out for a cheerleader is based on the cumulative average in EACH core subject (average of the six weeks grades through the most recent 6-week reporting period) shall be 70 or above for each core class. Citizenship eligibility shall be based on all classes taken. To be eligible to try out, a student must have no more than one “N’”. In addition, any “U’s” in citizenship will disqualify a student from participating in the selection. No student who has more than one term of placement in SAC, or out-of-school suspension, or an alternative education program will be eligible to try out. Any student who has been expelled from school for any portion of the current year will be unable to try out. If a cheerleader quits or is dismissed from the squad, he or she will be ineligible to participate in the cheerleading program the following school year. However, the cheerleader may appeal this policy to a committee consisting of the principal, cheerleading coaches, and a teacher of choice. The committee’s decision is final.

Before Tryouts

All candidates must tryout in the school in which they are currently enrolled in on or before the first day of the tryout clinics. All candidates must attend the mandatory parent/candidate tryout meeting. Parents and candidates are responsible for completing, signing, and returning all forms handed out at the mandatory tryout meeting. These forms must be returned by the set time and date. Parents need to read all information carefully and sign forms to give permission for their daughter/son to participate. Candidates are expected to learn and perfect skills and technique prior to attending the tryout clinic. The purpose of the tryout clinic is to teach each candidate tryout material only. The following skills will not be taught during the clinic: stunting and jump technique and tumbling skills.

General Information

Cheer tryouts will be held in the second semester of the school year. All candidates must have all debts paid to EMS-ISD prior to being eligible to try out. If selected to the squad, a physical will be required before the first organized team practice for any activity. EMS-ISD tryouts and clinics are closed to the public. Parents are asked to drop off their daughter/son and leave the EMS-ISD facility. There will be no areas for parents to wait. Candidates will be given an ending time for their tryout session. Parent pick-up will be in a specific location that will be announced during the tryout clinic. All cheer candidates will be escorted in/out by a cheer coach or administrator. Tryout packets will be handed out at the parent/candidate meeting to explain the tryout point scale and process. There will be NO CELL PHONES allowed in any of the tryout areas. Candidates are asked to leave cell phones at home, but we will also pick up ones that are brought to the school. We will have a phone readily available in case of emergency. Judges for the EMS-ISD Cheer Tryouts are experienced and knowledgeable of cheerleading and have had previous judging experience. If a candidate fails to show up for his/her assigned tryout time, she/he will not be permitted to try out at all. It is important that all candidates report to the designated tryout site on time. Candidates must attend every day of the after school tryout clinic (unless involved in a UIL event that has been brought to the cheer coaches attention at least 24 hours in advance). There will be no “tryout by video” at any time. All judges’ decisions are final. Although we understand that unfortunate circumstances may arise (i.e. illnesses, injuries, outside obligations, etc.) EMS-ISD CHEER will only conduct one tryout per year. If a student is unable to participate in this tryout, he/she must wait until the following year.