the red planet by Joseph Dodgen

What Is It?

Well, Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. It revolves around the sun every 687 days. And every day is 24 hours 40 minuites.


The diameter is 6,779 kilometers across, the perihelion is 1.3814 kilometers, the aphelion, 249.23. Has 2 moons, and was discovered in 1659.Mars got its name from the roman god of war


The temperature can go as far down as -67 degrees farenheit.


The planet is made up of mountains and volcanoes. but the elements are 96 percent CO2, 2 percent Argon, 2 percent Nitrogen, and 1 percent is unknown.


Has 3 very large volcanoes, It also has a large canyon systems, also some running water erosion

Mars Rovers.

There was a lot of rovers successfully launched. Such as the Mariner 4 and 6, and almost all of the viking missions.