Spanish Update March 18, 2015

Grading Update

Spanish UpdateMarch 18, 2015

Grading Update

Hola a todos:
I have graded all work as of Friday, March 13. Zeros were entered for missing work. The last day for late work is Friday, March 20th. Additional details about the late work policy can be found in the image below.

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day,

Señora Wilson

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BREAKING NEWS !Remediation Opportunity 1

Remediation Opportunity 1 – Making Test Corrections


Take advantage of a second opportunity to retake the Chapter 6 Examen – Mas Comida. Carefully read the following directions.

1) Download and save a copy of the Remediation I handout (See attachment left-hand corner very bottom of news announcement.). Complete the remediation handout with the test question missed, the correct answer, the module page # where explanation was found, and write a sentence in your own words which explains the correct answer.

How to see missed test questions/correct answers.

2) Go to quizzes from the Assessment menu.

3) Find Examen 6 Mas Comida.

4) From the pull-down menu located after the exam name click on the submissions link.

5) When the page opens click on Attempt 1 to see missed questions/correct answers.

6) Record the question missed/correct answer on the Remediation I handout.

How to find information supporting the correct answer.

7) Go to content-module 6 Mas Comida.

8) Find the content page and write a sentence which supports the correct test answer on the Remediation I handout.

9) Save your work and submit the completed Remediation I handout to the Remediation I Mas Comida dropbox.

Very Important! Once you have submitted your corrections to the Remediation I dropbox a Copy of Examen 6 – Mas Comida will appear on your quiz list page under chapter 6. The test has an end date. The deadline to complete the test is March 27. Be sure you have reviewed missed questions and thoroughly understand the content in module 6 – Mas Comida before completing the test.

Need HELP contact your me!


Remediation I – Test Corrections_Spanish IB.docx(62.12 KB)

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Upcoming Important Dates

* Class chats are Wednesday at 8 p.m.
* Next Friday deadline: March 27th all students

* Final Exams are May 6-7. GaVS requires all students to take the final exam. No exemptions.

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Contact Information

Teacher InformationInstructor: Mrs Tracy-Ann Wilson

Phone Number: 229.234.1158

Hours of Availability:

Monday-Friday7:00-9:00 p.m.

Wednesdays 8:00 p.m.


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Additional Resources

Check out the Remediation below.

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