By: Bryanna Rodriguez

Are Cellphones Affecting Us Socially?

Yes, cellphones do affect us socially. People are so used to texting and using slang. So when they actually confront a person face-to-face, they don’t know how to hold an actual conversation. We don't know exactly what to say if we are meeting someone because cellphones made it easier for us to talk behind a screen. They are so disracted by their phones. When people come together to hang out, most are usually on their cellphones and don't realize other people are with them.
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Should Cellphones Be Allowed while Driving?

If you look away while driving for more than two seconds, you are more likely to get into an accident. Young drivers are most likely to be distracted by their cell phones. Females are more likely to use their cellphone while driving, and males tend to look back at the person they are talking to in the car. Having someone to present in the car with you is better than talking over a cell phone. Especially, if you are texting. You are thinking of what to say in the text rather than focusing on driving. There are also more eyes to look at the road with people in the car with you.

Does Social Media Affect Our Mental Health?

People are on their cell phones way too much. We spend an average of 7.5 hours a month on social media. This feeds anxiety and makes people miserable. It makes some people insecure about themselves. People get addicted to social media which causes negative outcomes of our mental health. For some people, being on social media on their cell phones, increases happiness from the positive posts and comments.

Good Coomunication

Cellphones affect our good communication. When it comes to job interviews or asking for help, people won’t know how to ask or respond because we are so used to contacting each other over cell. We won't know how to speak properly or formal because cellphones are distracting us from our education. We need to know how to write applications or speak formal in job interviews for our future.


In this article, schools in 4 different British cities decided to ban cellphones to test if there was a difference in the students’ education. For the students who were at the bottom of the test scores, their scores increased twice as much after the ban. For the students who were at the top of the test scores, their scores didn’t change at all after the ban. This shows that putting our cellphones aside for a few hours can help our education and increase our scores.