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Written by: Mrs. Jefferson's 2015 - 2016 AM & PM Classes

February 2016

Child Of The Wolves

Child Of The Wolves

By Elizabeth Hall

Book Review By Hope M.J Thompson

A Tiny Soon-To-Be Racing Dog Named Granite, finds himself in trouble when he is being taken away from his Mom and siblings. He wonders in the woods for days, until a White Wolf named Snowdrift, -Still grieving over her lost pups- rescued Granite. Now Granite must earn a spot in the wolf pack.

I loved how Elizabeth Hall put so much work into this book! Elizabeth made this book Interesting, Fun, and Surprising! I love how she explains how wolves behave from her studies! Granite is just considered a tiny Pup in the pack, but he learns how to survive this wolf pack.

I give this book a 5-star rating because of how much I love wolves and how much detail and excitement that was put into this book!

Rating: *****

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

By:Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

Spending time with your grandparents can be fun or if you are like me, spending time with your grandparents can be boring. In Sunny Side Up, Sunny Lewin has been packed off to Florida to stay with her grandfather for the summer. At first, she thought Florida might be fun, There is Disney World, after all, but the place she is going is where Gramps live.

I really enjoyed reading this book because most people write about the good of spending time with your grandparents and in Sunny Side Up I get to read another point of view of spending time with your grandparents, which I think is really interesting. I also like how it is structured because this is the first book I read with speech bubbles and I think that was really creative and unique. The main character, Sunny is an enthusiastic, fun, creative and spontaneous person, she makes sure everything she does is fun, no matter where she is.

In conclusion, after reading Sunny Side Up I changed my whole perspective and outlook on life, the lesson I learn from reading this book is “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, because Sunny thought that going to a Nursing Home would be boring and once she started staying at the Nursing Home, she found out that it was going to be fun after all. I recommend EVERYBODY to read Sunny Side Up because there are so many life lessons you can take away from reading this book.


-Cheyenne Daise

El Deafo

El Deafo

CeCe Bell

What I think is really cool about El Deafo is that CeCe Bell the author of this story is actually deaf so she wrote about what she went through to write this story. “I was pulled away from my parents and taken to a room.Somebody sticks a needle in my back.’’ said CeCe.This shows that she was sad and scared when she was in the hospital.

Okay so let’s talk about theme you have to read a good bit of the book to find the theme.If you have read this book and you said the theme is,Don’t judge a book in this case a girl by it’s cover.I recommend this book to anybody who likes to read Biographies and graphic novels.

Why don’t we talk about characters,of course you have Cece,Mom,Dad,Ashely,Sarah,Emma,Ginny,and Martha.Cece’s mother took care of her when she could not hear anything her father did the same too.Ashely Sarah and Emma were Cece’s best friends before she moved.Ginny and Martha were Cece’s best friends after she moved.




ROLLERRRR DERBYYY! Get your roller skates on and play a game of Roller Derby! In this book, a girl named Astrid goes to a Roller Derby game and finds her future...she wants to be a roller girl! She signs up for it and she finds out it might be a little hard. In this book, she deals with challenges like that and friendship problems. But it all worked out in the end!

Things i liked about the book:

  • So much DRAMA

  • The ending…

  • The pictures

Things i didn't like about the book:

  • I liked it all!

I think the overall THEME should be: Don't give up trying what you want to do, even though you think it's hard.

This book would be fun for people who like comic books, skating, or the name Astrid.

I love this book and i think you would love it too!






Everblaze was an amazingly written book! I loved how there was an unexpected part towards the end of the book where it left me with shock as I read the last sentence of the chapter. I loved the characters Sophie, Dex, Keefe, Biana, Fitz, Iggy, and Silveny.

Sophie seemed pressured a lot in the story, even though she’s still 13 and that’s a pretty young age to be doing all the stuff she’s doing. But she acted calm and listened to her peers and argued when she didn’t like the thing that she was supposed to be doing. Sophie is curious, mysterious, strong, and calm. Sophie takes risk and doesn’t expect to drag people down with her. She was better in this book because she’s getting more mature through the years she’s been living in Evergreen.

Keefe and Sophie have good teamwork when they work together. They usually have to go on dangerous missions assigned to them.

This book is great for any ages! I really loved this book and I hope you will read it too. I learned a lot from this book, one thing I learned is to help your friends or fellow classmates, I also learned to not judge a person based on their looks.

#Team Keefe

~Tiana H.

Trading Faces

Trading Faces

By: Julia Devillers and Jennifer Roy

Book Review

Trading faces is about 2 identical twins. One twin, (payton) created a issue in her personal life so in the middle they switch places. Payton is the twin who is popular and cool. Emma is the twin who is smart, gets all A’s, she is a tomboy and she loves sports.The twins call it trading faces because they are identical but is called trading places.

The main setting of this book is at school, but the only other settings are the mall, and their home.The 2 twins are starting middle school in the seventh grade.They get a surprise at the beginning of their school year they both get their very own IPhone they are shocked and surprised they were very happy.

This book does not have pictures but i like that because it has imagery it makes you picture, imagine, or have a movie in your head of what is happening in the book.Trading faces, has lots of problems that happen and get fixed. It is a Fantastic book about twins.This book has strong,bold,and long words, like on page: 1, the word was Scrounged. The theme of this book is to always be honest if things are hard talk it out always, before you decide to do something.

I recommend trading faces to anyone who loves to hear about twins or problems that get fixed. I also think you would like this book if you like realistic fiction stories or insider information about a character, I love this book so much i would rate it a 100. Enjoy!

Star Rating:★★★★★

By: Alivia

Bud, Not Buddy

Bud, Not Buddy

By: Christopher Paul Curtis

Do you want to read a good book? Well if you do I have the book for you! Bud, not Buddy is a GREAT book! The main character is a boy named Bud. Bud lives in Flint, Michigan and he gets put with the Meanest family in the WORLD. So he runs away and is on his way to CHICAGO. He decided to run away because the Amos were the meanest foster family in the world!

If I were to give Bud three character traits to explain his personality it would be Funny, brave, and nice. For example Throughout the book you can learn stuff from a lot him I know I did. If you read Bud, not Buddy you will not be disappointed I promise!


Star rating :


Meet Kit

By:Valerie Tripp

WOW! 1934 was a challenging time for Americans. This time period was called The Great Depression. Kit Kittredge was a 9 year old girl with a nose for news.But since the news is about the hard times of the Depression,Kit writes her own newspaper stories.She reports happenings at home. Like that time when Mother invited fussy Mrs. Howard and her son to stay with them. Kit is excited to have a boy her age to play with. Stirling (Mrs. Howard son) causes nothing but trouble.



Diary of a wimpy kid

by: Jeff kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! The only reason i say that is because when i read the first book it was just funny, so then i started to read the other one’s in the series, and thats how i liked it!!!

The charactors are, Greg, Dad, Mom, And Rodrick.

I really recomend Diary of a wimpy kid to everyone!!! This book is so good that i give it a Five Star Rating.



The book called Imagine is about a boy that loves to go to sleep in class and imagine. He imagines things that he could not do in real life like flying,so if you like to imagine then this is a book for you.The book is exciting,funny,and mysteries.

Something I loved about the main character named alex was that he imagines during class so he had bad grades,so he always retake the grads and he is in sixth grade.He Try his best but sooner or later he goes to sleep and imagine he has good grades but then he wakes up and figure out he was just sleeping.

I really love how they setup the sentences,and the wording I just love this book.But you would not believe how many ways this awesome book can make you feel. So this is all the reason you should read this awesome book.But if you don't like books that make you feel something you should not read this book.

~Dennis S.



Do you like serious books? Than Witness is the book for you. The author Karen Hesse wrote this book in a different type of style it’s kinda confusing if you read Witness you’d have to write the names of the characters at the front of the book. In the book the setting is in vermont town in 1924’s. Also about the type of style the book’s written in after you write the names of the characters as you're reading you’d have to go back to the front of the book and look at the characters. Karen Hesse has written 3 other books called Out of the Dust,Just Juice,and The Music of Dolphins. The only thing I didn't like about the book was the style it was written in you’d have to write the names of the characters at the front of the book after you write the names of the characters as you're reading you’d have to go back to the front of the book and look at the characters. But after all that I really liked reading Witness. I think that whoever reads this book will like it. I recommend this to people who like historical fiction.

Author: Karen Hesse


By: Morgan T.

Meet Kit

Meet Kit

By Valerie Tripp

Are you interested in American girl dolls and books?

Because I am interested in American girl dolls and books. I don’t have a Kit doll yet, but she is the character in this book. I would like to get a Kit doll. Mrs. Howard said she was moving and it made Kit and Ruthie want to write a story about it people were having to move to find new jobs because of the depression. Kit’s mother invited Mrs.Howard and Stirling to live with them for awhile. And that’s when all the excitement starts.

Stirling is weak and little, and Kit’s mother calls him a ‘’shrimp.’’ He is very sickly and pale. He doesn’t talk much and can’t do anything because he is sickly.

In conclusion, things get worse. I really feel sorry for Kit when her mother made the house into a boarding home and Kit had to take the attic for her bedroom. But she cleaned it up and made it into her treehouse alcove. I like how Kit was able to make the best of the bad sitvation even giving up her beautiful pink room.

I give this book 5 stars


`Isabella H.

A Letter to Mrs.Roosevelt

A Letter to Mrs.Roosevelt

By Lorena Granados

Have you ever wrote a letter to the first lady asking for help? Well Margo Bandini did and boy was it worth it. Well by now you might be wondering why am I telling you this? Well I just want to talk to you about Margo Bandini she lived through the the Great Depression and her house has been put under foreclosure and her father's business is going down how will she figure out a solution to this unfortunate event?

I really liked this historical novel because it taught me a lot about the Great Depression. Mostly because in the book the author talked about the Domino Effect and how when one business failed then other businesses failed to stay up to another word for this is a Chain Reaction.

Well, I am sure by now you want to read this amazing book but let me warn you it’s not always for everyone. Although, I would recommend this book to people who really enjoy the Great Depression time period. I also would like to tell you the theme of this book it’s “Believe you can do something and do it and you will eventually succeed with the help of others.

Star Rating:*****


Nick Bruel





This book is amazing. The first sentence was so funny.

“Welcome to Pussycat Paradise, where everything you see is made entirely out of FOOD-food for your belly!”

I think that this part of the book is funny because I love funny books because they're so interesting and you can get in the book better.

The author included some sentences that you can apply to your life like “I don't know why you hate me, cat, because I'm a real nice guy. I've got friends who like me and family who love me. And I got feelings that you're always hurting. So that's why I'M LEAVING!” I picked this quote because you can apply this to your life when people who treat you bad and people who try to use you and talk behind your back. So you can just leave them alone and find a new friend and find someone who respects you and doesn't talk behind your back. I know I can so you can too. After that in the book the guy gave the cat one more chance. That didn't work out at all. When he left the house he was mad and said “Fish. Fish don't bite or scream or chase you around the house or hit you on the head with a spatula. All they do is swim around and make nice little bubbles that don't hurt anybody.And they are pretty.Pretty like little rainbows.

Star Rating:*****


Dory And The Real True Friend

Dory And The Real True Friend

By:Abby Hanlon

Abby Hanlon is the best author ever she wrote Dory and the real true friend. This author wrote a really good book I love this book so so much it has a lot of character traits.

Dory is the main character in the book. Dory has an imaginary friends. As a reader, I learned that even though books are tough, you have to keep on reading. At the end of the day, you have just took a big old step.

Abby Hanlon has only wrote two books one Dory and the real true friend and two Dory fantasmagory. They before are really good books this author has a lot of good traits and details and all.

I am about to give you some info on dory and the real true friend.Like I said Dory is the main charter she has imaginary friends she has a sister name Violet and a brother name Luke .Dory nickname is Rascal. That sounds weird, don’t it?

So if you like funny books these are the books


By:Abryona M.

The Lost House

The Lost House

The lost house is a great book.It is about these two girls,Tiggs and Jess they are saving up money to go to Soccer camp.Hope you enjoy.

I believe this is a great book because of the emotions the characters have. It is easy to read in my opinion, so if you like easy and fun chapter books this may be a good book for you.So jess and tiggs are trying to get money for soccer camp.Then they set up a cleaning service.when they find a mansion to clean to get $700 they were shocked .The problelm is that it is hunted! Find out the rest if you dare to read the book!

I hope enjoyed my book review and learned about The Lost House.I would recommend this book to people that enjoy fun and easy books.And the ones who believe in ghost.

~Mason T.

Meet Kit

Meet Kit

By: Danielle Williams

Do you know about the Great Depression? Well if you don’t Meet Kit is a great book to start off with let me tell you why. This book talks about what people did during the Great Depression, how Kit is a daddy’s girl, and how this book will make you laugh.

Meet Kit is a book that takes place during the Great Depression. People didn’t have a lot of money during this time and some people didn’t have jobs. In the book it says, “ Then the factories that made the things the stores used to sell had to close down, so the factory workers lost their jobs, too. Pretty soon the people who’d lost their jobs had no money to pay their doctors, or house painters, or music teachers, so those people got poorer, too.” Which I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to live through the Great Depression because if I did I wouldn't really be educated because we wouldn’t have lots of money to go to school.

Kit is more of a daddy’s girl because it says, “ Kit snatched up her newspaper, flew downstairs, and burst out the door. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! she shouted, waving her newspaper as Dad climbed out of his car. Dad caught Kit up in his arms.” I am also a daddy’s girl because I kinda do the same thing. Kit is also very friendly/ kind because she is not rude she is very polite and says,” yes ma'am.” “ No thanks.”

Lastly you might not believe this but this book WILL make you laugh. You might be saying, “ no books make me laugh.” But this one sure will. It says, Kit flung open the door BAM! The door hit Mrs. Howard, who was standing right inside with a silver tray in her hands.”

Now you know how this book takes place during the Great Depression, how Kit is a daddy's girl, and how Meet kit will make you laugh.

Star Rating: *****

Author: Valerie Tripp

~Danielle W.

January 2016

Moving Target By: Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Controlling your own destiny can be amazing and bad. In Moving Target , Cassie Arroyo’s experiences the bad and good of controlling destiny. She discovers her secret ancient bloodline, when her dad vanishes and finds out that a secret agency, called the Hastati is chasing her and her father.

I really enjoyed Moving Target.

Reason 1: It is a mysterious and adventurous book.

Reason 2: There are so many shocking secrets.

Reason 3: It kept me on the edge of my seat.

In my opinion, Moving Target is a really interesting book and I would give it 100 stars. In Moving Target Cassie was willing to save her father and friends, she is brave, generous, humble and a helpful character.

I recommend all of you who like mysterious and adventurous books to read Moving Target because this is the book for you!


MIDDLE SCHOOL by: James Patterson

I think this book is great for 4th, 5th ,and 6th graders. It's also good for kids who like to go to camps. This book is about a kid named Rafe who goes to a camp called Camp Wannamorra. Some other awesome things happen in this book but you will have to read it to find out.

My opinion on this book is that i think it's awesome! I love it because it tells tons of details and makes it really easy to understand a character because it says,” I love to break rules especially ones like no talking in the hallways.I hope you feel the same way when you read this book.

I recommend this book to people who like to read things with adventure and funny things in it. I learned that it's ok to have an imaginary friend or something. just be you and it will be just fine.

Judy Moody Mood Martian

Do you want to know about Judy and her backwards day? Well I’m going to tell you just that.

In the book Judy Moody Mood Martian Judy is usually always in a bad mood. Since today was backwards day, Judy had to change her mood to be in a good mood. When the day was over she thought to herself, “ Maybe it should be backwards day all the time.”

What I thought was really cool since it was backwards day Mr. Todd (who is the teacher of Judy’s class) wrote on the board,” Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm.” When I saw that I was wondering what that could mean. It was the same exact thing the other way around! Mr.Todd is very smart because I know it took him a long time to figure out a word that would be the same thing backwards and forwards!

I think that this a great book because it is very funny because remember when I told you it was backwards day at Judy’s school she dressed like her frenemy. That was really funny. If you like silly books you should read this.

Author: Megan McDonlad

Star Rating:*****

Mrs.Lilly is Silly By Dan Gutman

How would you like someone telling bad things about you? In the book, Mrs. Lilly is Silly! Students decided that they want to do reports on people. After Mrs. Lilly, a reporter, said that she wanted to show the kids how to make a newspaper Mrs.Lilly told the kids to write about

what they know. They only knew that their school was boring. Mrs. Lilly wanted to make things exciting so she told them to ‘’dig up some dirt’’ on the principal and the teachers. She put them into teams of spies and how to get scoops by digging up secrets. Mrs. Lilly takes the scoops and changes the stories to make things exciting. An example is Mr. Docker and his wife ran a race and he won. So the reporter wrote ‘’Mr. Docker beats his wife’’! Mrs. Lilly said that was good reporting. Mrs.Lilly was a bad reporter and the kids were writing bad things about people. This is wrong.

Another example is Mrs.Jafee had rats in her house when she was little. So Andrea the reporter wrote, ‘’Vice principal poisoned defenseless animals’’! Andrea was the worst kid.

In conclusion, I think Mrs. Lilly is funny because of the way the kids ‘’put a tail’’ on someone and take something true and change it into something bad. But it is bad because you should not lie or stretch the truth to make something exciting. I will give Mrs.Lilly is Silly 4 stars because it is funny and teches you a lesson.


~Isabella H.

The Girl With The Silver Eyes

“There's something strange about that kid….” This is what people usually say about Katie. Katie Welker is 9 years old. Katie rather read a book than deal with other people. Katie has strange eyes - and a special ability to move things - just by thinking about them!

I think that this book is wonderful! this book grabbed my love for supernatural things and made it 100 times stronger! I love how katie is so unpredictable and smart! Katie wonders if there are other people like her...with the same eyes and abilities...and she will do anything to find them.

The girl with the silver eyes is a great book! This book has a lot of action in it too! I recommend this book to people who enjoy supernatural things. You never know what kind of people are out there…

Rating: *****

By Hope Thompson

The Girl From Felony Bay

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about “The Girl From Felony Bay” by J.E Thompson. This book is about a girl named Abbey Force who has had a rough year. Her dad has been framed. He is in a coma. Her house has been sold. Also to make matters worse! She has to deal with her uncle Charlie and Aunt Ruth. This summer she will unlock the secrets behind Felony Bay with her new friend Bee and find out who framed her father even if it takes all summer.

Well I don't know about you but this has a great adventure to it’s story! This book is amazing each character has a very unique personality that I think you should know. Abbey is a tough girl with a nice heart. Bee is a sweet, nice girl who has had a rough time like Abbey has. Uncle Charlie is a mean man who doesn’t treat Abbey right. He calls her names and makes her do all the work. Aunt Ruth is a mean lady, but at most times she can be a nice lady too when she wants to be. Last but not least, Abbey’s dad was mentioned in the book by Abbey. She said that her father is a nice, trustworthy friend.

Well I would love to talk about “The Girl From Felony Bay” But I can’t take up all your time. Anyway I do have to recommend this book to children of all ages and parents who would love a great adventure. Although I will tell you the truth I really didn’t learn any lesson because I think it wasn’t meant to have a lesson just to maybe entertain children and parents in a little mystery.


Author J.E Thompson

Pages: 375

By: Lorena Granados

Gregor The Overlander by: Suzanne Collins

Gregor The Overlander is about a boy named Gregor and his little sister Boots who discover a whole new world underground. They ended up doing a lot of things with the locals. But that's something I can’t and won’t spoil for you. keep reading to find out more about the characters and the people in the underlands.

First I’ll talk about Gregor. He’s a brave character for this book. Gregor is one of the people you hear about a lot in this book. Another on is his little sister boots. She’s quite a funny little character in this book too. She’s also a huge handful in Gregor’s life. Vikus is another character in this story .He’s one of the people Gregor meets in the underlands. Luxa is another person that Gregor meets in the underlands. She’s sort of a serious person in this book. Gregor meets her in a slightly harsh way.

In all this is my favorite book. It’s got lots of different types of scenes and emotions in it. I hope you read this book and up really liking it, just like I did.I totally would recommend this book to older kids.Because it uses bad language and there is a lot of blood in it.


Taylor martin


In starstruck there are three people in the book and the owens twins was watching a show called the ryan’s world and called on the phone and win a so ryan when to their house.

My reason is about ryan’s wilson was a jerk to the owens and they are the host’s of their party and ryan never hangs on with and doing Something he had a party in the backyard and the owens and they called him a jerk and at the end of the book ryan said the and the kids said ned and david are the loudest of all and they said NO WAY!

I rated it a 3 because it was a book about the owens and remand it for 3rd grade and 2nd grade it is ryan is a jerk and they get payback and don't care at all so it is what i found about the book..



Crush By: Gary Paulsen

Do you have someone you want to ask out and need help? Well, I have a book that fits right in that category. It’s the book Crush by Gary Paulsen. It’s about how this boy named Kevin likes this girl and is scared to ask her out.

I enjoyed this book because I learned a tip like how you should have confidence in yourself. It’s also funny how he does outrageous things such as when he tried to make a dinner and ended up starting a fire.

I would recommend this book for 9+ so nine and older. Because there are some thing little kids should not know that’s in the book.

Star rating:*****


Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Greg wanted go to a camp with his friends and a lot of stuff happens no candy no electronics also no showers. so there room smelled badGreg's dad went to camp when younger and made up a story so no one would go in the woods alone.

At night they would not even go with someone that is how scared they were.Greg's dad made that story because he found a hut in the woods that had a shower and a sink so he would be left alone.

Something happened at the

end.(Can't tell you ).Greg and his friend went fishing but he doubted they were going to catch anything but they did and they put it in a toilet and they got in trouble and had to stay inside. They stole a chaperones pair of shoes and put them in the snow than put them back and walked inside the shoe marks so they would not get in trouble but when they came back they forgot and stepped all out of the tracks.

~Joey C.

The Memory String By: Eve Bunting

The Memory String is about a little girl named laura. She lives with her Dad, her new Stepmom Jane and her cat Whiskers. The book starts as she is sitting under the oak tree with whiskers her black and white cat, lay, beside her, twitching his tail back and forth. On the porch, her dad, and her stepmom Jane are panting. Jane was wearing an old paint stained shirt and skinny jeans. Then, Laura pulled out a string of button out of her red velvet box and told the meaning of each button.

My opinion is that the book was great but I think that Eve Bunting should have add some more information like what happened to the family, or did lura ever get along with Jane. I think that Laura is very emotional because she was upset because I think that YOU should read the book memory string because it is a very good book.

My closing thought is that the book was GREAT!!!

I think that YOU Should read The Memory String because it is a really good book it has really beautiful pictures,the setting is great, it is so beautiful.

I think that the author is a great writer and the illustrator has good pictures in the book.


Survived By: Lauren Tarshis The Shark Attacks Of 1916

“And then he saw it a large gray fin,slicing through the water like a knife”.That’s my favorite part of the story.This story is mainly about Chet and his friends going swimming and tricking Chet with a fake shark.The boys were reading a newspaper article about a shark attack at the Diner.

I enjoyed this book and I think you will enjoy this book too.I will give this book 5 stars because it does not have many pictures but it describes what I can picture in my head sometimes. “There was blood everywhere! The man is dead!” The boys said.The story gives you a specific date.This story is a series of history things like Hurricane Katrina.

In this book, I learned to watch your surroundings that’s why people watch their surroundings when they go swimming.I recommend this book to people who like to read

freaky but exciting stories.

On later in the story it gets a tad bit scary.Sharks in a creek that’s crazy sharks live in the ocean.The good thing about this book is that you can also research on the internet while reading the story.


~Madison P.


Oh no, I hear something! Time to run! I’m just kidding! What do you think was going to jump out and scare you? A big giant centipede with 100 legs? A gorgan that could turn you into stone? A big mouth bunny? Of course not! But if for some reason you wanted that to happen, well I can't help you, but if you wanted to live inside a big book, I have the right book for you!

This book is called Nightmares! In this book, a boy named Charlie Laird begins to have the same bad dream ever since his father, Andrew Laird married a girl named Charlotte DeChant and moved into her house. Charlie thinks something's very wrong about this house and Charlie thinks Charlotte is a Witch! Then charlie found more evidence…

This book gets 5 stars because it's so long it could keep you up all night, and it's very interesting because it's full of adventure!

You should read this book because:

  • Its full of adventure

  • It's long but it makes the adventure continue on even more!

  • If you want a little scare you could get one from this book!

Things I like about this book:

  • The pictures are full of detail

  • The Characters are all different in their own kind of way

There's a second book out right now! Go and get it! Its called The SleepWalker Tonic!


~Taylor Matthew

Keeper of the Lost Cities by: Shannon Messenger

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a wonderful book! I loved reading this book, because it was so exciting to read. It left me smiling, and I even stayed up reading it. I’m so excited to read the 2nd book. I loved how the book had twist and turns, and at the end a cliffhanger leaving me with excitement and questions. This book isn’t just fantasy, it has mystery, humor, and even action.

Sophie was one of my favorite characters in the Keeper of the lost cities because, She was brave in different situations, and she even tried to be brave when she knew it was killing her inside. Sophie is curious, especially with the big news. She is also very strong at her skills, but may need some training in the process. Sophie goes through a lot in this book, but always has friends by her side to help her.

Keefe (Also pronounced as Keef-ie) is another one of my favorite characters because, he’s also brave, funny, and helpful. Keefe is helpful even though he makes jokes at the wrong times. He can be serious a lot of the times. He is funny because he makes me laugh… He also doesn’t let things get to him.

This book has lots of good vocabulary, and I really did enjoy reading it. I understood all of the parts, and I think Shannon Messenger really wrote this story well. I

recommend the book for anyone of all ages and anyone who loves fantasy. Also here’s a question….

Team Dex, Team Fitz, Team Biana, Team Keefe, or Team Sophie?

Star Rating:

Other books: Exile (2nd book) Everblaze (3rd book) Never Seen (4th book) Lodestar (5th book)


Keep Kicking

Keep Kicking is about a kid that love soccer so he practices a lot.But he still loses some games.He is smart,hard worker,and he is strong.It`s really exciting and it will suprais you.And if you like Soccer you will like this book more.I think any one can read this book.warning you will be suprisd.I would rate this a 5 or a 10.Don`t for get that this is exciting book.

It even set up by days,like everyday's is a new story so this another reason why you sude read this book.It has 78 pagis so if you like capter book you sude read this book.This is a reall story about a kid that loves soccer that book is called what…...thats right itcalled Keep Kicking and don`t for get this name. ★★★★★

~Dennis S.

Judy Moody Goes to College

Hey! Do you want a better book than Junie.B.Jones? Well here’s a book for you that I found in the library it's called Judy Moody goes to college.The story was a great story because now she goes to math college and when she came to math college she met a friend that’s in

math college already her name is Chloe.Judy’s best friend in college.

I like this book because it was a just right book for me. I never read so many Judy moody books I only read two books.Sometimes you might need help going to college if you don't practice multiplication, divison.

I learned from this book was never get left behind of math and always work together. Always help and stick together.I would recommend this book to people who needs to ketchup on their math.


~Jalynn E.

Tales From The House Of BUNNICULA!

This book is about two dogs named Howie and Delilah trying to save the world from Pudgykins,so no one will get eaten by him.

Howie was going to go under the bed but Delilah wanted to go to, when they went under the bed Delilah screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dust bunnies, said Delilah. Howie and Delilah out of the bed.

One night when the monroe family was gone Howie and Delilah were the only ones in the house Howie decided to back to pete’s room, and when he went back he saw the purple ooze in pete’s hand the one that will destroy the world.”We are doomed said Howie,Delilah said, “Being doomed makes me hungry.””We can’t think of our stomachs at a time like this,” said Howie.”We’ve got to save the world.” Delilah said after we are done saving the world we can go downstairs and eat but now is not the time. While pete was still asleep pete was swing his arms that was because he was dreaming he was in a baseball game, and he was swing the bat, when pete did that the purple ooze flew in the air and it went under the bed,Howie

By: Solei Amira Brown

Liberty Porter First Daughter New Girl In Town By : Julia DeVillers

“Some people just want to be someone's friend because of who they are”. Liberty porter First daughter is about a girl who has a dad who just became president she has to go to a new school now and she is nervous. When she came to her first day of school people were freaking out and staring at her like she was crazy. If you were her would you want people to Stare at you like that?

When Liberty was at school her classmates only asked her questions about the white house and the president. People wanted Liberty to like them so they could have a friend who lives in a white house. The only problem was liberty just wanted to be treated like everyone else. She just wants to be a normal kid, being nice and thoughtful to others. Liberty is nice and thoughtful because when someone wanted her big cookie she thought about him and She actually gave all her big cookies to him.

Liberty Porter 1st daughter is a amazing book i think you would like this book if u like realistic fiction books. I love this book . I kept wanting to find out what would happen next. This book is great but I don't like 1 part in the middle. For me the ending is ok. The beginning and middle was interesting. Out of a 100, I rate it a 95. This book takes about a week to finish. What do you really think about books that could happen to you? The lesson of this book is don't just want to be someone's friend based on who they are. Get to know them see if you would like to be their friend. But, always be yourself. I can't wait till i read the next book Liberty porter First Daughter (cleared for takeoff).

Star rating : ****

~Alivia J.

Talking Eggs By: Robert D.San Souci

I read the book The Talking Eggs By:Robert D.San Souci I think he is a good author he had put a lot of work in the book the book has a lot of word but it is really really really AWESOME you have to read it.The pictures in talking egg are by:Jerry Pinkney I think his pictures are really really good I never see good pictures like this before.

talking eggs is a good book I really want you to read this book because it is a silly and sad.There are three characters in the book 1 the widow (MOTHER) 2 Big sister(ROSE) and 3 Youngest sister(BLANCHE).The mom & Sister does not do all the work Blanch dose all the work in the story it’s so so so sad that Blanche has to do all the work the mom and big sister just sit and watch they need to get off there butts and work in the hot sun just like blanch I would never do all the work.

I have a connection to this story It reminds me of my of my dog running into the woods and coming back with a stick cause blanche run off and come back with something really really really cool.Silly thing happens in the story at the end just kidding im not about to tell the end so I hope you check this book out at your library or buy it at a bookstore and I like this book from a scale to 1to5 I give it a 5 STAR RATE:*****

Written Date:January 28,2016 1/28/2016

~Abryona Mack

The Freaky Joe Club By P.J. Mcmahon

Bella announced, ‘‘I’m going to turn into a hamster.’’ This book is about some kids at Hammerrocker school. The kids in the Freaky Joe club want to turn into animals. They try do some experiments to see if they can turn into animals.‘‘There can be three in the Freaky Joe Club.’’The principal doesn’t like the school nickname Hammerrocker. The school nickname is called Hammerrocker because the kids love animals.They all want to turn into different animals like a shark, an octopus, and mostly a hamsters.

When I was looking at the book the first time I thought that it was going to be a boring book but when I read the book to the 2nd chapter I was amazed. I can’t ever find a book because it is so hard for me to find a good book. I think that this book is Excellent. That’s why I think that this book is an everybody book. I think that this book is Excellent because it’s funny and I love funny books.

By Lamiyah M.


The Aurora County All-stars By: Deborah Wiles

Do you like southern styled books? Or baseball related books? If so then this is the book for you.Stay tuned for a great description of The Aurora County All Stars.

The Aurora County All Stars is about a boy named House Jackson and he plays baseball and he’s really shy and doesn’t like to be in between problems but a good baseball player all at the same time even though he might be shy he has a lot of friends.But,what I noticed throughout the story is he gets very confident through every situation and House solves every single problem.This book is a very southern so if you're from the North you’ll barely even understand like “my momma nothin” or “He ate ‘em!”. But anyways it turns out that House’s friends mom signed him and his friends up for a pageant that’s on the same exact day as their big baseball! So what are they possibly gonna do???

In conclusion ,The Aurora County All Stars is a really good southern styled baseball book that is off the hook so I hope you go to the library and check it out because it’s just that good. Now I could go on and on about how good this book is but now it’s time for a rating!!!!


Morgan C.

Timmy Failure By: Stephan Pastis

The book Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made.In this book there a lot of bolded words. Also I noticed that this book is filled with creative stuff. Plus the characters are very funny.

I recommend this book is because it is funny.And also can relate to this book, because when i was little me and my brother wanted be a detective agency, i would only let 5-above. And plus there’s a lot of characters so it's hard to keep up with all the characters.

Timmy Failure in this book is a founder,president,best detective and he has a business partner and it’s a polar bear.

On page 21 timmy failure tells you the things you need to know when read this book, like the first thing you need to know is Charles Rollo Tookus is that he is not smart .Yes, he has a 4.6 grade point average, but that is only because he studies.Obsessively.

And also in each chapter it tells you what is going to happen. The book there's a picture,of the author telling you about the picture or that person.In Timmy Failure the author put captions in the book.

Rating *****

Raven K.

Of Thee I Sing By: Barack Obama

Hi! Do you know who Barack Obama is? Well I’m sure you do because…… HE IS OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!! And he even wrote a book. It is called, “Of Thee I Sing” and it is AMAZING!! This book is about showing Barack Obama’s daughters everything that a person has done.

In the book it always starts off with a question like, “Have I told you that you are creative”. And then it would tell a fact about that specific person. For Example, ”A woman named Georgia O’Keefe moved to the desert and painted petals, bone, and bark. She helped us see big beauty in what a small: the hardness of stone and the softness of feather”.My favorite thing in this book that sparked my interest the most is when Barack talked about Sitting Bull because he was a Sioux medicine man who healed broken hearts and broken promises.Sitting bull even said,”For peace, it is not necessary for eagles to be crows”.And what that means to me is that there should not be any conflict between our nations.It even shocked me when the book said that Sitting Bull was put IN JAIL!!!!!!:O

I love this book because I love reading about biographies and I love the fascinating back stories. My favorite part of the story is at the end he shows all the people who made a difference with the his daughter’s. Anyway I won’t keep you waiting. But hey, before you go why don’t you check out this book at your local library. I also recommend this book for people of all ages because it shows you most people who made a difference in this world.

By: Kirah

Date: 1/29/16

Star Rating:

Have you ever want a horse in the city. Well Emmy has. Emmy had to move and give away her horse. Her was name Daner. Daner was the prettiest and love to ride .And this is how Emmy meets the horse. Emmy was in the park and she saw this barn and she went in there and she see many horses and she saw and wonderful horse and her name was Belle. ahahahahahahahah Belle is a trip cause when Emmy tell her to go left she goes right girl she will go right she know her ways and I will give this book a rate, and this book was very funny.


~Phoebe C.

October 2015

A Series Of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning By: Lemony Snicket

Today I am going to talk about my favorite book series, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning.”

It’s about 3 children whose parents died in a mysterious

fire and now Violet, Klaus, and Sunny have to face the unfortunate events in life.

I really can't say anything negative about A Series Of Unfortunate Events although I can say it’s the perfect book for someone like me to enjoy! The story behind all of it is sad, happy, and funny. So anyone who enjoys mysteries and adventure should read this book.

I understand that most people want to read this book. Unfortunately A Series Of Unfortunate Events is a book for someone who loves a great mystery,and most of the time an adventure to look forward to. Over all I would give this book a 5 star rating.


AUTHOR: Lemony Snicket


Amazing Grace

Do you like to dress up, play games, and act out your favorite characters? Well, Amazing Grace might be the book for you! Follow Grace's journey as she plays and dresses up! In the story Grace wants to be in her school play about Peter Pan, the person she wants to be Peter Pan, but her friends don't agree with her for many reasons. Why don’t you check the book out and find out. No one likes a spoiler! And i can't tell you myself, Unfortunately.

I would give this book 4 stars for these very reasons:

  • The book was short

  • I wish there was more to the story

Some things I did like about the book:

  • I love the drawing or illustrations as I should say

  • The story was easy and fast to read

  • the book gave a good lesson or message

This book gave out a good message that is very important: You can be whoever you want to be, no matter who you are, shape, size, and color. I recommend Amazing Grace for people who love to read picture books, good illustrations, and want to learn a good message to always remember!

My Rating: ★★★★★

By: Taylor Matthews

I Survived: The Nazi Invasion by: Lauren Tarshis

I read the book I Survived the Nazi Invasion. It was a really good book about the Nazi Invasion in 1944. It’s about a kid named Max who was Jewish affected by the Nazis but still survived.

My personal favorite character was Max. He was very brave and always took good care of his sister. Max could probably take on a whole army because of how brave he was. Max also was a really soft person too. His sister Zena was also pretty brave and caring for her brother. Max and Zena spend their whole time together.They meet a lot of other people too. I can't even count how many people they meet.

It was one of my favorite books and the fact that it's mine I can read it as much as I want!This book is for history lovers and I survived fans.I recommend this book to everyone!!!!


-Taylor Martin

The Isle Of The Lost By: Melissa De La Cruz

Have you ever been sent away from your home and lost ever everything you had? I have never been in that situation before, but in The Isle Of The Lost, Mal, Evie, Jay, and, Carlos ran into that situation when they were banished from the kingdom of, Auradon, stripped of their powers, and sent to the Isle Of The Lost.

I really LOVE The Isle Of The Lost, I mean I REALLY, REALLY LOVE The Isle Of The Lost. I can even prove it to you. What I really like about the book is the evil characters. There is Mal, the daughter of Maleficent and mean who wouldn’t her. she’s the evilest Villain all around. There’s more, Evie the daughter of the Evil Queen, “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” It’s the Evil Queen of course.

Now that was proof that I LOVE this book. I know what your thinking, is there a lesson?Yes, there’s a lesson. The lesson is that just because you came from an evil family tree, does not mean being good isn’t so bad. I recommend all of you who love a good, mysterious books you should read the The Isle Of The Lost and I mean, who wouldn’t want to read this book? ★★★★★= Excellent

-Cheyenne D.

My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar Patterson

Okay I know what you're thinking “what is this book” or “what is this book about”. Well I’m not going to tell you because you can find this book on your own (just kidding).

Okay let me tell you about this amazing book the title is middle school my brother is a big fat liar and the author is one of my personal faves James Patterson and it’s about this girl named Georgia Khatchadorian and she’s about to start middle school but her older brother Rafe Khatchadorian left that middle school getting into all sorts of trouble. But if you wanna know the best parts here they are (no spoilers!!!)

-the pictures

-the characters (even though one got on my NERVES!!!!!)

-and last but not least…...the beginning to the end

So now you know what the best part is now all you need to know is the one thing that got on my nerves was these little princesses that were in this little clique and they were like the people who ran the school

If you you enjoy,comics,entertainment,or comedy I recommend this book for you and I guarantee you’ll enjoy this book.So I hope you read this book oh and one more thing what I learned from this book is to always be yourself and don’t listen to all the negativity.


-Morgan Cannon

I Funny Book

Are you in for a great laugh, because i'm sure you will love IFunny by James Patterson . First let me talk about the author , James Patterson is a great author she puts comedy and excitement all in one big book .

This book has a lot of short great chapters full of something funny, serious, or important facts to lead you in the story . I think the reason I love this book is because the main character is jayme and he is trying to make his life more interesting by making people laugh .

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I definitely recommend this book from ages 8 and up . I really love this book and i hope I inspired someone to checkout this book

Review By Grayson C.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas by Whoopi Goldberg

IT’s A great book if you love ballet and dance.

IM sure you will love this book . when a new girl Alexandrea Petrakova

johnson .alexandrea doesnt want to take ballet,she doesnt want to from apple creek but that doest stop her crazy ballet freak mother.My mother is just like hers tecnically .

alexandrea and her mom move to harlem and invest her daughter in ballet by enrolling her in the nutcracker school of ballet.Alexandrea hates ballet and the problem is she has stage fright . so can alexandrea face the challenge of being a ballet dancer when she becomes the sugsr plum fairy?

i like this book while i was reading it i had feelings and connections with this book i enjoyed it a lot literally.

I recomend this book to girls all over the world because they teach you 3 lessons 1.Be you and dont chang for anybody

2.If you try something new for a change it might be great or you might really like the new change yourself in your own way .

rate :*****

Johnae R.

Spelling Trouble by Frank Cammuso

Book Review

I think that you should read Spelling Trouble because it's funny and illustrator used good pictures

I would suggest you read Spelling Trouble because it teaches you a lesson and you might learn something from that.And it’s a great comic

I read Spelling Trouble Speak because I like comics and someone told me about it, so if I would

give this book and rating it will be hundered

_not long at all

_not colorful

_ you learn a lesson

_some funny characters


Cyberpals According to Kaley! BY: Dian Curtis Regan

Do you like Social media or Cyberspace? Well if you do I recommend cyberpals according to kaley it is a great book! If you don’t like long chapters or chapter books this is the book for you! Cyberpals is about a girl named Kaley her teacher Mr.Serrano assigns Cyberpals so Kelay first Cyberpal lubo is mean so she get a new one!

Eanf of that my opinion is that the author wrote the book very well!

It doesn't even say chapter one or two in the book the author make it feel like you are reading a picture book. Kelay is a good character she never gave up she always wanted to do extra credit and she is very yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice !


Star rating


Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers and Heathe Hach

Do you like books that come from movies? If so, you may like a book that I read. It’s called Freaky Friday. You may know it from the movie. Well, I have the book!

I think that i really like freaky friday because i saw the movie. i think that it’s a great book that had me sitting at the edge of my seat for more and it made me want to turn the page too.

I recommend freaky friday to people who like books that come from the movie freaky
friday then this is the right book for you to read the book yourself to find out what else happens. *****Excellent

Big Nate Goes for Broke by Lincoln Pierce

It’s time to run,run or you’ll die,Big Nate goes for Broke in this book. Nate’s school is facing the jefferson middle school in a snow building contest Jefferson beats Nate’s school at everything, but Nate has a plan. I like the book because it has Adventure.During an emergency he pretended to be a superhero, and dance Randy stole Nate’s clothes and Nate ran after Randy, but he forgot he was naked.

The book teaches me that you should keep on trying even if you lose.

Anyone age 8 to 14 should read this book.

star rating

***** Excellent

By: Solei B.

Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin

MR.HARRISON is embarrassin the 1st part was about was when

the teachers had no coffee they acted like zombies but all you had to do was plug it in MR.HARRISON FIXED everything in the school.Than there was an old lady who came and it was her birthday they had a cake for her and then the lights went out and they could not find her so some kids found a hole and went in it and found her but then they got stuck in to and they had to get a construction worker had to drill them out.

RATING *****

-Joey C.

September 2016

Big Nate By: Lincoln Pierce

Big Nate has spiky hair and wears a yellow and blue shirt, navy blue jeans and striped shoes. He is a good kid, but sometimes makes bad choices. Nate comes up with wacky ideas that sometimes get him in trouble, and sometimes help the school.

I think that this is a good book because it is funny, adventurous, and you never know what happens next. One day Nate tried to get out of school, so he wrote a fake doctors note, and he forgot how to write his dads signature, and as soon as he remembered is best friend Francis scared and Nate slapped him with a book, and he screamed don’t scare me like that. He forgot to turn it in and he missed three periods, and only had one left. He ran to school, and he got a tardy note, and a detention note for being late. Principal Nickles called his dad and he got in big trouble.

This was a good book. I would recommend it to all my classmates. It is funny, exciting and interesting and teaches you life lessons.

-Jalani Golston

Narnia by C.S.Lewis

Narnia By C.S.Lewis

Book Review


Isabella Holliday

I picked Narnia because I like to read novels and because I loved the movie. I wanted to see if the book was like movie. It is a little different than the movie. It is about some kids who go into a closet and end up in a different world.

In my opinion, Narnia is a challenging book to read because it has a lot of big and different words. One word is ‘’stoop’’ which means to bend down. A second word is ‘’gleam’’ which means a shining light.

There is a sad part when Aslan the lion gets killed by a witch named Queen of Narnia, but later comes back to life which is happy. Another happy part is when Lucy, Peter and Suzanne get their gifts.

The lesson that I learned from the book is never to be selfish because Edmund told things on his brother and sisters so that he could get Turkish Delight from Queen of Narnia.

I think the best age group for Narnia is 5th and 6th graders. I rate this book as good.

Star Rating: ****



By Roald Dahl

So, the book is called Fantastic by Roald Dahl. This book was very unique, and it made me feel like i was in a cartoon!

Here is a short summary to the book (NO SPOILERS!).

So, three farmers were mad at a specific fox that always keep stealing their chicken so they could eat, so the three farmers waited for the fox to come out, THE END (just kidding).

Anyways, here are some things i didn't like about the book :

-Wasn't very long

-the ending was plain old simple

-Mrs. Fox didn't do anything except for cry

-the farmers were so stupid, it blew up my mind

-the farmers were only mad at a fox

Here are some things i did like :

-the fox family was happy

-usually foxes are not so smart / clever

-Had a song

-It was funny to see the farmers try to kill the fox

Alrightly! People who love Roald dahl books, like foxes, like farmers or hate them, like short stories, like to laugh, have fun, and like to have adventure should read this book!

Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

-Taylor Matthews

Island of Legends by Lisa McMann

[Island of Legends] By: Lisa McMann

Island of Legends is a great series! I loved Simber and Alex a lot, because Alex was still learning and his personality was the thing that sparked my interest in him. His personality was like nice, understanding, and never broke his promises. The thing that sparked an interest in Simber is that he’s nice, mysterious, and helpful. They both are friends even though they fight and they both love each other dearly. Alex, Sky, Crow, Samheed, Meghan, and Lani we’re all friends since the beginning, The Purge..

This book was AMAZING, they all sounded so confident in all the things they were trying to do. Lisa McMann played it out really well in the series, everyone of her books in the Unwanteds series are perfect. Most of the series books i’ve read are good until the 2nd book but this book was wonderful and I know Lisa McMann won't fail me with her other ones.

Island of Legends was an amazing place, I could just see them hanging with each other on the Island and I can picture me on the Island too. When I got this book Island of Legends I was so excited the last book left me in shock. I always stay up reading my book in bed because I just can’t put it down, I liked how they always helped each other through ups and downs.

This is the 4th book in the series, I would definitely recommend this especially to the the people who like fiction novels. I would give it 5 stars because it’s one of those books that you could read more than once and the parts are still exciting

[Star rating: *****]

[Other books: Unwanteds (#1) Island of Silence (#2) Island of Fire (#3) Island of Legends [(#5) Island of Shipwrecks (#6) Island of Graves (#7)]

I Survived By: Lauren Tarshis

I Survived

By:Lauren Tarshis

Japanese Tsunami

I Survived is a fantastic series and this is so far my favorite one!

The main character is Ben. It's of course about a giant tsunami that hit japan in 2011 and anyway I hope you this epic book!!!

So I chose this book because one of my friends was reading series and had mentioned it to me. It sounded interesting and I wanted to give it a try and I thought it was amazing!!! And so bought a big pack of the hole series and I chose this one for the first one and I decided to do my review on it.I think was the best and I hope you do too!!!

I also recommend to everyone!!!!!!!


-Taylor Martin

Mighty Miss Malone By Christopher Paul Curtis

Book Review:

Mighty Miss Malone By Christopher Paul Curtis

I CAN’T TELL YOU ANYTHING I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT THE MIGHTY MISS MALONE!!! This book is about a very intelligent, smart, and clever 12 year old girl named Deza Malone from Gary, Indiana and she has 2 wonderful parents and one annoying brother.

The first thing I can say about this book is that I love Deza’s personality because she’s not too self concerned, she cares about others, and she’s thankful. But the ending could’ve been better though because the author gives little information about where Deza’s family are going and what Deza’s family is about to do there isn’t even an epilogue.But if there is a sequel the ending needs to be way better than the Mighty Miss Malone ending.

But what I learned about the Mighty Miss Malone is that to always be thankful and most of all to always work hard and all that work will pay off and if you like historical fiction I recommend this book for you.

Morgan Cannon



Babymouse Puppy Love

My Book Review

Babymouse Puppy Love is a great book it’s very funny and in the end baby mouse always gets her way then it don’t turn out as she planned!i love this book because i looove… Graphic novels !!! it’s about babymouse buying pets and losing them , and one day she found a dog…read the book to find out the rest. The great thing is that baby mouse is a series of fun books!!!

I like this book because every time I read it, i wanted more, This is BEST BOOK I EVER READ . I love how they made this book pink and pink is my favorite color. Basically the book is about Baby Mouse you can say. This is the first book that made me happy and comfortable and just right.

I will definitely recommend this book to people who love graphic novels. The only thing i don’t like is that when the book is getting really good the book ends.And that the fastest i ever read that much eighty one pages before. I’m sure ya’ll will like this book too.SEE YOU LATER;)

Star rating;****good

Jennifer L Holm & Matthew Holm

Ghosts by Elanie Landow


A book by Elanie Landow

This book called Ghosts by Elanie Landow was 100% awesome for my taste. It tells about Ghosts, Poltergeists, Hauntings, and if they’re real or not!

The only thing I would’ve changed was one of the stories. I mean, BURYING A SERVANT'S DEAD BABY INTO A WALL?! That's just INSANE!!!

But overall, I would still give this book a 100% rating even though the baby part made me gag. I think people who believe in ghosts or want to learn more about them should read this book!

Rating: *****

My Book Review By: Alivia

I loved this book called cockapoos!

In the book I found out cockapoos are alert and ability dogs.

There was nothing really that I did not like

about the book. Except, the only thing that

slightly confused me was what did crossed breed mean? I thought it meant mixed breeds.

Did you know a cocker spaniel and a poodle make a cockapoo? after reading about cockapoos I thought they were cute and fun. The main idea is to inform others or in another word to teach. I liked the ending because it showed me cockapoos good qualities. I recommend this book if you want to learn more about cockapoos or want a cockapoos.

Star Rating::*****

Kylie Jean

Kylie Jean Carter books.

by Phoebe Champagne

This book was 100% just right because I love the

hook. and the hook said all about kylie jean. I love when it said that. because you get to know more about Kylie Jean. You can get more information about the chapter you can get the gist I love the main character because she have the same personnel like me.i would love to have a pony like her. if you pick this book you will love it because Kylie Jean Carter will make you laugh Im telling you she will make you laugh though the whole way through the book until the end I recommend this book to the people that love girly girl stuff because she cares about other people in this world so kylie jean is special to me



Mutant Mammoths Of Montana By:Johnathan Rands

Mutant Mammoths Of Montana

By:Johnathan Rands

My Book Review

First, I just wanna say that this book is amazing!

I’m not going to spoil it but in this book called Mutant Mammoths of Montana this family goes on a amazing camping trip!That's all i’m going to say.

My opinion about this book is I love it. I love how the author gets right into the good parts. I also like it when the author uses emotions.But the thing I don’t like is when he says, “i’m looking at a monster! but then on the next chapter it will start off like “we finally arrived” and it doesn’t say anything else about the monster.

People who like horror would like this book.I can’t wait to read the next book!One thing this book taught me is that just because you don’t want to do something but your family or friend want’s to you should at least act like you want to do it.

Rating ****

By: Landon J

Kylie Jean Hoop Queen By:Marci Peschke

Kylie Jean Hoop Queen

By: Danielle williams

In the book kylie jean hoop queen kylie jean is having a shoot off to raise money for places for pups. ugly brother (kylie jean’s dog) is funny because one time in the book he was waiting for kylie jean at the door. this makes me think of my friends dog who does the same thing.

I think this is a worthy book to read because it has good detail and voice. For example, when kylie jean explained what she was wearing to her first basketball practice.

Another worthy opinion why you should read this book is because in the beginning kylie jean tells you a little about her family and their name in every book of kylie jean’s series and yes she has a series. singing queen, party queen, football queen, cupcake queen, valentine queen, rodeo queen, dancing queen, pirate queen, summer camp queen, drama queen, spelling queen, blueberry queen, craft queen and hoop queen.

I think the lesson of the book is to not be scared and go for stuff being kylie jean said,” I can't shoot” when really she could. i think girly girls should read this book due to it’s more of a girl book than a boy.

Author: Marci Peschke

star rating: **** good

Judy Moody Predicts The Future By: Megan McDonald

Judy Moody Predicts The Future

By: Megan McDonald

Have you ever read a book that talks about how to predict the future? Than you should read Judy Moody Predicts the Future by Megan MCdonald because you would love all the exciting adventures and characters!!!

Judy Moody Predicts the Future is about Judy who has a really hard time spelling so she got a book to help get her mind off things and found something better than spelling but you have to read this book to figure out what happens next. So I recommend this book to all readers who love small and fun chapter books.

So overall I can say after reading Judy Moody I learned that maybe you should just keep yourself out of other people's business even though you might be right. So overall I would give Judy Moody Predicts the Future a five star rating.

Name: Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Author:Megan McDonald


The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

The Talented Clementine

By:Sara Pennypacker

The Book Reveiw

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am not talented?” Well if you haven’t, you should read The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker because it is about a girl named Clementine who thinks she is not talented. Can you believe that?

This is one of the BEST BOOKS EVER !!! I really like this book because it reminds me of when I was her age. I love how Sara Pennypacker focused on the main character Clementine, she told the readers so much about Clementine, like all the things she tried to do for the talent show. I think all the characters were really interesting ,and they also had their own personalities, especially Clementine. Every time I read the book, I was sitting on the edge of my seat

I learned that everyone is talented in their own way. I recommend those of you who like fiction books to read this book because it is fun, and you get to learn a lesson from it, the lesson I learned was how you can be talented in your own way. I also learned to be yourself and never give up!


-Cheyenne Daise

Verdi by Janell Cannon

Verdi by Janell Cannon
A Book Review

By Jeffery Carnes

Have you ever saw a snake and got extremely excited? well if you have,you should read the book Verdi. If you especially LOVE snake action! This is the book for you! There's Lots of cool features like an I spy page so if you like stuff like this I totally recommend this book for you.

So like i said this book is for you there's nothing negative and it's a kids book:FACT:did you know a yellow tree boa can still see you when it's sleep and when it's sleep the eyes are still open:So there's a fact to know.

So once you read this book one time it will suck you in the book and you will read it a million times and for all you snake lovers out there this book is for YOU.


Babymouse By Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Babymouse Book Review

By: Jennifer and Matthew Holm


Hey, do you like chapter books but you also want to read picture books at the same time?Well then you should read Babymouse! The book is filled with action and drama.

The Babymouse series is greatest series yet! Jennifer and Matthew Holm are geniuses for making the series. I feel like this book is for boys and girls who likes funny cartoon chapter books. This book matches me really well because the main character ( Babymouse ) likes cupcakes, reading, and hearts.

If I were to rate this series on a scale from 1 to 100 I would give it ………………………………………. a 1000000. The series is so good that I recommend the whole entire universe to read it. I would be shocked if someone didn’t like the series.

Book Review by: Kirah Tucker

Published: 10/2/15

Star Rating: *****

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

I loved Smile by Raina Telgemeier. I liked Smile because it’s goofy,and funny. Also there are two other books named Drama,and Sisters. So the book starts off with 13 year old Rania,and she causally grows throughout the book.But,the only thing that I didn't like about the book was the charter Sean he didn't get much dialogue even though the book was about Raina and Sean didn't really talk that much the only real words he said was “ H,Lo”. Overall I really liked Smile.


Pages: 213

By: Morgan Thompson-Oxner

THE Amazing World of GUMBALL

THE Amazing World of GUMBALL

By:Zakai . w

What’s up. . .hey do you like comic books ?. If you do check out the amazing world of gumball . It’s the most funniest book I've ever read. You don’t know how funny it is .

Okay you finally know about the book.Now you got to know the characters it’s Gumball,Dorwin,anies,,,rocky,

and principal . There are much more but I want to tell you more about the book . plus their is a smart one. . .its anies she is a mathmutshion .

why I love this book because it’s a comic book . And it has my favorite characters in it.

Oh,the most funniest part when gumball says’’Do a wheelie then Tina says’’okay . So after that Tina falls over on her back.But then. . gumball is in a full body cast . Now that’s funny .

Thanks for reading . I hope that you can check it out . Man that’s the funniest book . I hope you can read it . peace out man .

Luba By Luba Tryszynska-Frederick


By Luba Tryszynska-Frederick

I love I mean LOVE the book Luba! If you love History this is the book for you! Luba is an Autobiography. It is about a Woman named Luba she was a Jew and Jews were treated tarable! This was during world war 11.

My Opinion is the Nazi soldiers are mean, rude and horrible people! Who hated Jews which GOD Said ” love your neighbor as you love yourself “! I think Nazi soldiers Should have been punished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think luba is a Great book! If you are interested in the book it is in mis.jefferson classroom. If you want to get it she is downstairs in the fifth grade hall. As I said before if you love history and if you love informational books this is the book for you!


Star Rating


Giggle,Giggle,Quack By Doreen Cronin

Marquis Brown

Book Review

Giggle,Giggle,Quack By Doreen Cronin

Picutres by Betsy Lewin

The book was about Farmer Brown. He was going on vacation. He left his brother, Bob in charge of the animals. He left Bob directions to take care of the animals on the farm. Bob was to follow all the directions but duck found a pencil and changed some of the stuff. Farmer Brown told him to watch out for the duck.

Farmer Brown called to check on the animals a few times. He wanted to make sure Bob was following his instructions and that everything was fine. Bob followed all the directions he saw for all the days that Farmer Brown was gone. The first note said “Tuesday nights is pizza night [but not the frozen kind]” and “the hens prefer anchovies.” Bob ordered pizza for the animals. Twenty-nine minutes later the animals enjoyed their hot pizza in the barn. The pigs, hens, and duck were just fine and not making noise. Another note on Wedesday said it was bath day for the pigs. Bob washed all the pigs up very clean. On the next day a note said it was movie day. Bob had to make popcorn for the movie day.

I really liked the book. I think the book is excellent. I like that Farmer Brown called to make sure that everything was okay at the farm. I thought it was funny that the duck was tricking Bob the whole time. The duck had a pencil and was writing the notes for Bob. Farmer Brown was enjoying his vacation. I like to go on vacations too. My favorite part of the book was when Farmer Brown screamed on the phone. He screamed because he heard the animals on the phone and he thought Bob was not there. Bob was in the kitchen making popcorn for the animals. The animals were watching a movie. I like popcorn too. Bob realized that duck was tricking him when Farmer Brown called on the telephone. He realized that duck could write and he was tricked.