PKMS School Counseling Chronicles

Volume 2, Issue 2

End of First Marking Period

Hello Parkside Family!

We hope that everyone is continuing to positively adjust to our new way of learning. Our first marking period ended on October 30th and teachers submitted their final grades for the quarter on November 10th. Our report card file was sent out for print and the report cards should be making their way home by mid November. As a reminder, you can check on your student's grades in ParentVue to see their final marking period 1 grades with any new grades entered for marking period 2.

As parents and guardians receive their student's report cards, please know that the school counseling team is available to help with concerns you may have in regards to your student's academic success. We encourage you to reach out to individual teachers if you have questions about specific grades for assignments. School Counselors are here to help if your student is feeling overwhelmed, having a hard time organizing, having a difficulties with time management, or just feeling lost all together. This is a new time for us all and we want our families to know we can be a support!

ParentVUE App - Finding Your Student's Marking Period Grades

How can we help our children with anxiety?

2020 has been full of changes, stressors, and more changes. We know that this school year has been on of those stressors for many of our students. As the school year progresses and students begin to settle into the new normal, there are still things that will continue to cause stress even if it has not in previous years. Completing schoolwork has become different and can cause stress; having to turn on their cameras for class can be stressful; and even just trying to be a teenager, especially now, is stressful!

Our school counseling team is here to help students and guardians navigate through these new times. Below is some information on anxiety along with a few techniques we have encouraged our students to use. Each of our school counselors have Canvas pages that students have been invited to. We encourage you to have your students explore those Canvas pages as there are a ton of resources and even a student break out room with different activities they can try if they are feeling overwhelmed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our school counselors including our Director of School Counseling. We are in this together!

Should I Worry about Worry?

Anxiety is normal. Lets say that again, anxiety IS NORMAL. It is a normal reaction to different kinds of events and situations in our lives. Anxiety plays a part in our internal warning system that alerts us to danger and threats. It is is what helps to kick our bodies and minds into action, what many of us know as the "fight, flight, or freeze" response.

Anxiety can be helpful for other things other than physical protection. It also can be the motivator for example, to prepare for a big test or complete the school work. It also can be present in our lives when we are experiencing something that is exciting such as getting your learners or acceptance into a college.

We should begin to worry about worry when anxiety becomes overwhelming and happens during times that aren't expected. There are different types of anxiety but things for parents to look out for:

  • excessive fears or worrying (especially if it is more than what you have seen in the past)
  • feelings of inner restlessness
  • tendency to be wary or vigilant even without the presence of a threat or danger
  • in social situations, being overly restrained or emotional
  • physical symptoms could be frequent stomachaches, headaches, and fatigue

If you notice changes in your child, we encourage you to reach out to your school counselor, primary care physician, or your insurance provider to assist in locating a mental health professional that can assist you and your child during this time.

Here are a couple of ways to manage your anxiety

Relieve Anxiety

Practice short "in" breaths and long "out" breaths to relieve stress and anxiety with this calming exercise.

From Mindless to Mindful Video

This video is a relaxing 3 minute meditation to help you focus on mindfulness

How to Make A Squishy Stress Ball

Making a homemade stress ball is a great way to not only relax, but a great coping mechanism when deal with stress.

Upcoming Events From the Counseling Department

What Do YOU Need?

This year more than ever, we want to build a stronger partnership with our parents and guardians. In order for us to be the best support for you, we need some input. Please take a moment to fill out a quick survey that will allow for us to plan workshops, meetings, create resources and more that you would find to be the most useful. We also need to know when would be the best time to engage with you all in a virtual setting, even if that is outside of our normal school day.

If you have any thoughts or concerns outside of what you see on the survey please reach out to our Director of School Counseling, Ms. Heather Wines via email at

Parent/Guardian Survey

School Counseling Team Contact Information

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