Baseball Project

for MSI By Sneha

20 baseball terms

Ace- The Star pitcher on the team

abroad- a runner reaching base

At Bat- The appearance of the hitter

Ball park- The field

Broken Bat- A bat that shatters when it hits the ball

Chopper- A ball that hits the ground hard

Dinger- A home run

Delivery- When the pitcher throws the ball to the hitter

Double- A base hit that allows the hitter to get to second base

Rookie- A player that is in his first major leagues

Grab- A catch

Grounder- A Ball hit to the ground

Hill- The pitchers mound on which he stands on

Hanging pitch- A pitch that was meant to confuse the hitter but it does not.

Infield- The space between of the field inside the bases and base paths

K- Strike out

LCS- League Championship series

LDS- League divisional series

Lead of the Batter- The first hitter in an inning

Left field- The side of the outfield behind the 3rd base

Numbers- Statistics

open Base- A base with no pitcher on it

Out- When the hitter or runner is removed from the field of play by the fielding side

Pen- The bull pen

Pitch- The throw made by the pitcher to the hitter