Temple of Confucius

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The Temple of Confucius is in Qufu, China. It sits on a mountain top and has many acres of land that surround the temple. The temple sits in the middle of a forested park.


The temple started as three separate houses, built in 478 B.C.E. The temple used to be called the Lingxing. Early Emperors would bring people to the temple to be sacrificed for to the their gods. Emperors sometimes sacrificed powerful officials and sometimes even offered themselves to the gods. One emperor sacrificed an incredible 8 different times within the temple.

Sacred To

Emperors where most scared to this temple. Emperors had stories and writings their, the temple is there library. The emperors thought it was sacred because they thought the gods would love them more.


Confucius was a teacher, a politician, and a philosopher. He founded the Temple of Confucius. One of the things that he liked to teach was Era. Confucius taught many others the ways of Era and many went on to teach in other schools. One of the other things that he created was Confucianism. Confucianism has many traditional texts, including the 5 classics. He founded it 770 BCE-476 BCE.--HE FOUNDED WHAT?
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Temple it Self

The temple consists of a group of grand buildings built in traditional oriental style. The temple is one of three architectural complexes in China and is divided into nine courtyards. The main buildings run north and south along the axis of the complex. Decheng is the main hall and is 24.8 meters high and has a base of 21 meters. The main hall is the biggest in the temple and is one of the largest in all of China. The term Decheng means, master with a great achievement. They had to rebuild the temple during the Ming and Ging dynasties. There are 466 rooms and 54 gate ways to the temple and it covers over 218,000 square meters.

History of Temple

The temple started as three houses in 478 BCE. It was also called Lingxing. Lingxing was the legendary star of literacy. Emperors brought people here to be sacrificed to the gods. One emperor sacrificed eight different times at the temple. Some emperors would sacrifice themselves or higher officials.

Fun Facts

Confucius believed that all parents should love there children and children should love there parents. He also believed that all people can succeed if you work hard and have good character. Confucius thought that education was secret to changing people.

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