The Reeve ("The Manager")

by: Reynaldo Adrales

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Part 1 "Research"


  • The Reeve is the Manager of someone's estate or farm, he protects and maintains the farming around the town. The Reeve is also a carpenter, but he mostly focus on being a manager.

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What does he do during his job?

  • The Reeve stay's on schedule by getting his work done on time. Like collecting rents from the people who lived and farmed on any portion of the land.

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Social Standing:

  • The Reeve is a Upper class because he gets lots of money from being a Manager from his lord. And most of the time he steals money that most people don't know about.

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The Reeve's Day life:

  • He would ride around the farms making sure everything is getting done on time.

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Something that the Chaucer not include about the Reeve:

  • People didn't know that the Reeve associated with Monk.

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Modern day occupation might correspond:

  • The Reeve is a like manager of someone's estate farm, because he takes care of those farms and makes sure that everything is right around the farms and the lands.

Example: Similar today Landlord,Landowner.

The Reeve is close to a Landlord today because he's the guy that let the people rents into a land just like kinda the Reeve because he is the person that works for the lord and let people rent into the farms and lands.

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Part 2 "Prologue"

"The Reeve's Characteristic & Personality"

Lines 605-614 Physical Appearance of the Reeve's: when they said "The Reeve was old and choleric and thin; His Beard was shaven closely to the skin, His shorn hair came abruptly to a stop Above his ears, and he was docked on top Just like a priest in front; his legs were lean, Like sticks they were, no calf was to be seen. He kept his bins and garners very trim; No auditor could gain a point on him. And he could judge by watching drought and rain They yield he might expect from seed and grain.

  • The Reeve was an old, thin man who has a very bad temper.His beard was shaved close to his skin and his hair shearing abruptly up to his ears. He looked like a priest with his legs that are like sticks showing no calf. He kept his containers and storage's just enough that no one could do it like him. And he could tell when is the right time to plant the seed and grain.

Lines that Describe the Reeve's Personality:

  • Line 605: "The Reeve was old and choleric" which means that he old and was very bad tempered old man.
  • Line 620-623: "No one had ever caught him in arrears. No bailiff, serf or herdsman dared to kick. He knew their dodges, knew their every trick; Feared like the plague he was, by those beneath" No one had ever caught him behind on his work and everybody was scared of him that no sheriff dare to try to tell on him because he knew the trick to get away with anything.
  • Line 627-629: "He had grown rich and had a store of treasure Well tucked away, yet out it came to pleasure His lord with subtle loans or gifts of goods"

He had gotten rich and had his own money to put away for himself. And he still gets money and good from his master.

Specific word that Describe the Reeve Personality:

  • Choleric
  • Feared like the plague he was
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5 Examples of Variation of Modern English

  • Legges: legs
  • lordè's: Lords
  • greenè: green
  • couldè: could
  • hightè: height

Part 3 "Analysis"

Chaucer Opinion Toward the Reeve:

  • From Chaucer's opinion he didn't really liked the The Reeve because he stole money, he was dishonest, and he had very bad tempered toward the people.

Specific Line that tell you this:

  • From the Beginning of the Line 587-590: That's when he describe how awful looking The Reeve is and also how his personality is.

New Vocab's:

  • Choleric man: irritable
  • Garner and a bin: granary
  • in árrearáge: find/ in arrears
  • herd nor other hine : herdsman or worker
  • fall or hap: befall or happens
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