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Types of food.

Today we will be talking about healthy food vs Non- Health food.

Did you know?

Did you know that did you know that yogurt and cheese are high in calcium?

Did you know that junk food can cause breathing problems?

Healthy food facts

Yogurt and cheese have high calcium.

Vegetables nuts, and fruits help eyes, skin, and hair health.

High in fiber food can be like fruits and vegetables.

Healthy food gives up high protein more then junk food.

Junk Food facts

Foods that have sugar can change you mood (junk food)

After eating sugary snack you might feel really crazy because of all the sugar,

High calories in foods can make you overweight.

Junk food low in fiber can cause you blood sugar to spike/ go high.

Non-Healthy foods can cause heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Junk food might taste good to us but maybe stop and think if its the best for you and your health.

Junk food can cause breathing problems cause of all the weight put on you.

Random Facts about foods

Nutrients supply energy for you to grow be healthy.

When your brain is hungry its telling you it need fuels.

Protein helps you repair old parts of the body.

The right foods can help body look or you breathing.

Sugar might taste good but it can cause diabetes.

A little quiz.

What does your brain tell you when your hungry?

What happens when you eat junk food?

What type of diabetes can sugar cause?

Is fruits and vegetables healthy for you or bad for you?


What does your brain tell you when your hungry?- You need fuels.

What happens when you eat junk food?- You put on the weight.

What type of diabetes can sugar cause? Type 2 diabetes.

Is fruits nd vegetable healthy for you or not?- Yes they are.