Dietary Guidelines

Sabrina Hill

What do the Dietary Guidelines do for Americans ?

What it does for you is that it Define Diet for Americans.

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs.

The four factories that determines the calorie needs is,

- Protein




How to maintain a healthy weight

The two suggestions I have for you to losing weight is.

- Eat health foods

- Drink plenty of fluids but not too much though

Suggestions for being physically active every day

- Before each game eat plenty of pasta so that way you can burn those calories off

- Always train at least 60 minutes everyday

- Work as a team

Importance of whole grain, fruits, vegetables and milk

This is important is because they help you gain and lose weight if keep track of the calories that you eat.

How to limit fats and cholesterol

- Control how much you eat each day

- Watch how much calories that you have in your food