Job Opening: Child Life Therapist

Abby Gawrych

Day in the Life of a Child Life Therapist

What exactly will you be doing?

You would plan and coordinate activities to help children at a hospital. You will also plan certain procedures they will have to go through, like operations. You help the parents and the kids stay less frightened, and inform parents. You will emphasize the play that the kids have, and the positive impact that comes with it. You will monitor social skills and their development.

Will You be working with your hands, heads, or both?

Both because we incorporate the kids and visit them and play with them and also coordinate the events, using creative skills, for them and inform the parents. This also incorporates realistic and social skills.

What qualities will you need to succeed at this job?

You have to have to be social, realistic ,and artistic to meet all of the requirements and to succeed at this job.

When will you need to work?

You will work 35 to 40 hours a week. This might include working shifts, and holidays.

Will you be working with people or alone?

You work with people to plan and coordinate all the events and times with the parents and kids and doctors to make their stays better, and they are social with doctors, employers, nurses, and at meetings. You would work at hospitals all around, usually specializing with kids, and specialize in kids who are injured or ill. This helps make their stay at the hospital better and make the parents more relaxing. You might be alone planning.

Questions and answers with the author: Abby Gawrych

Can you succeed at this job?

I am very social, artistic, and realistic, and feel confident about that I can do it, and I am very friendly and love coordinating things especially with kids because I love working with them and their family. I also love being a role model. I think that I would be a good fit for this job and could confidently get one. Who wouldn't want to see someone happy?!

Would you want to supervise others?

I myself would, and it would fit my characteristics, and this job has you looking over kids and parents and helping them and everything that comes with them.