DreamBox Learning

Adaptive Technology


DreamBox Learning is an engaging, adaptive online software that focuses on core mathematical skills for students at the elementary and middle school levels.


  • 14 day free trial
  • Adapts to individual learners
  • Personalizes instruction from intervention through enrichment
  • Provides access and equity for ELL's
  • Integrates assessment with instruction
  • Aligns to state and regional standards
  • Standards-aligned data and reporting
  • On demand and custom professional development for teachers
  • Motivational "game-like" features
  • Ipad App
  • Parent Dashboard and Progress Reports
  • Very engaging at the primary level


  • Limited graphics (kiddie)
  • Lacks student direction/useful explanations
  • Can be repetitive
  • At the intermediate level kids are "punished"for errors
  • School License: $7,000 per year

Added Features:

  • Make it more appealing to the middle level grades
  • The ability for teachers to assign certain activities based on the standards being covered in class
  • More subject areas

Overall Thoughts

After reviewing this adaptive technology, I believe it would be a great resource at the elementary level (K-2). The features do not seem as engaging at the intermediate/middle school level and could be a turn off for the older students. I could see this being an effective supplemental tool, but not a stand alone curriculum. It would be extremely important to spend a significant amount of time testing out the platform during the free trial run before deciding to jump in to this expensive program.