Top 6 Legislative Scandals

Top Six Legislative Scandals

1. Robert Potter, a congressman from North Carolina, resigned in 1831 after castrating two men he thought were having affairs with his wife.

2. Rep. Fred Richmond: solicited sex from a 16 year old delivery boy, he continued to serve as a congressman until 1982 when he plead guilty to tax evasion.

3.Eliot Spitzer was involved in a call-girl ring and was specifially involved with a 22 year old known as Kristen. It was later revealed that he spent over $80,000 in prostitutes during office.

Top Six Legislative Scandals Cont.

Top six scandals

4.Daniel Sickles shot and killed a man who was having an affair with his wife Teresa, he was later tried but not convicted due to the first use of the temporary insanity plea.

5.Rep. Trey Radel: Known for tweeting hip-hop lyrics and stuff about sky-mall until October of 2013 when he was arrested by an undercover D.C police officer for attempting to buy cocaine.

6.Bill Janklow ran a stop sign and killed motorcyclist Randolph E. Scott.