Hosey Headlines

March 21, 2016

Coming to a Classroom Near You

It's time for our descent into 6th grade. May 4th we will visit Wassom for orientation (8:45- 10:30).

This quarter we are writing fairy tales, a research paper, and few fast pieces on a variety of topics.

In reading we are reading a variety of novels by Avi, my favorite author for 5th graders. We will then do an author study comparing his themes as well as the techniques he uses as a writer.

In math we will finish off the year with a unit on algebra (Order of Operations and coordinate graphing) and a unit on computation.

In social studies we are on the trail to Hacker's Valley as pioneers. If we have time after this simulation, everyone will pick a decade to research and share their findings in a multimedia project.

Last week I asked each child (not in READ 180) to submit two paragraphs on what we should study in science and why. Once I go through these this week, I will plan the most popular unit.

Mrs. Farrell is working with the water treatment plant on Post to schedule a trip for us to see how they clean our water.

The Corvette Factory could not accommodate our numbers at the time we would tour :-(