Adam's Autobiography

I can do all things (phil 4:13)

A little about me.....

*I'm 37 years old, Married to my high school sweetheart for 14 years now

*10 yr old son (Parker), 8 yr old daughter (Cambelle)

*Live in Happy Valley (Clackamas)

*Got my Master's Degree for Teaching at Concordia University in Health/PE

*Graduated from PSU in 2004 with a BS in Community Health

*Have been coaching basketball for 5 years now (Centennial/Clackamas)

*Love to garden, ride bikes, hike, camp, watch & play sports, travel with my family

*Fan of Dodgers, Blazers, Seahawks, Flyers, Timbers, and anything MICHIGAN! Go Blue!

Pete Maravich - Unforgettable

One of the best...

Pete Maravich was one of the best basketball players ever. His years playing at LSU were some of the best and record setting years still to date. He grew up skinny, awkward, quite, shy, and left out in school, mainly because all he ever wanted to do was play basketball. His father was a college coach and trained Pete over the years. But, it was Pete's motivation to make it to the NBA that spurred him onto greatness. Towards the end of his NBA career he battled depression and anxiety. Once he retired from basketball he got married and had two kids. Over the next 10 years he found Christ and started to share his story and testimony. In 1988, he suffered a heart attack while playing a pick up game with some friends at his church. He died that day on the court, which is fitting and surely how he would have wanted to leave this earth. Doctors later found out that he had a heart abnormality and he shouldn't have lived past 17-18 years old. He beat those odds and lived a great life.
Fred Hammond - All Things Are Working