Edcamp WVU-Parkersburg

Join us for this innovative learning opportunity!

Edcamp at WVU-Parkersburg Edcampwv@gmail.com

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 8:30am-3:30pm

300 Campus Drive

Parkersburg, WV

Check-in will be located in front of the theatre. Lunch will be provided at the WVU-Parkersburg Cafe. Contact Edcampwv@gmail.com for questions.

Keynote Speaker: Sterling Beane, Chief Officer of Technology, West Virginia Department of Education

What is Edcamp?

Edcamp: UNconference event organized by groups of educators, specifically designed to create a participant-driven, fun-filled day of professional development. Educators can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate ideas, brainstorm solutions to common education problems, have group discussions, and receive information that can immediately be applied in the classroom.

How Does Edcamp Work?

There are no pre-planned sessions in Edcamp. The session board is blank until participants begin filling it in with sessions of their choice. Participants are encouraged to fill in a session board with topics they would like to learn more about, or with topics they'd be interested in sharing with others. The sessions are determined entirely by the participants. There are no signups for sessions. If you find yourself in a session that is of no benefit to you, you are encouraged to get up and join a different session. Many Edcamp sessions are discussion-based and very participant centered rather than presenter based.

Edcamp sounds different...

This Edcamp will likely be very distinct, informal, and unconventional when compared with other conferences or professional development seminars you have previously attended. Edcamp is for you. One of the best parts of Edcamp is that it creates a level playing field for discussion. Since the attendees drive the conference and the attendees choose the sessions, there is no hierarchy between administrators and teachers. Sessions aren't determined by mandates, funding, or the latest acronym in education. Teachers can moderate discussions in front of administrators and administrators can engage teachers in dialogue with both parties taking an active role in the discussion. The real value of Edcamp will be the discussions and the connections you’re able to make to continue the learning experience beyond this day.