There's a Dead Person Following my



Friend or Foe?

Vicki’s new friend Marella seems to be real to Vicki but not to others. Ted believes she’s real after he sees strange things in his dreams. Girls drowning, people grabbing his face, and the bad lady Vicki talks about. Shockingly Ted’s grandparents tell him about a journal about his families past. Is Marella real? Why is Vicki the only one that sees her? What is Adah’s next act of evil?

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Vicki- Youngest child, makes friends with Marella, only one who can see the ghosts

Ted- 12 years old, discovers who Vicki’s friends really are.

Zack- Oldest of the three, thinks Vicki causes trouble and blames it on Marella

Jackie (Jaclyn)-Used to see the ghosts, helps Ted with Marella and the bad lady.

Will the ghost leave or return for more mischief ???