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May 2016

The Engagement Issue

No, not wedding bells...Student Engagement, of course!

In this issue, we're highlighting tasks that engage students actively with new information. Each of these tools is good for classroom or home use.

"Flip" your instructional time by asking students to watch, learn, and practice at home.

Check their home learning to see how your next class session can clear up misunderstandings or extend learning further.

We're happy to help you get any of these set up. Also, watch for names of FDR teachers using these with their students now.

Interactive Videos

Download YouTube Vids

Pro Tip via Dave Hoover

We just learned a super quick way to download a video from YouTube.

In the link of the video in the URL bar, type in the letters "ss" just before the "y" in YouTube (see picture below).

A new window will open in a program called SaveFrom.Net and you'll see a green download button.

Dave recommends downloading videos for EdPuzzle and other video editing programs because sometimes YouTube videos disappear. Download it and it's yours forever!

Big image
Big image

Interactive Slides

Google Slides Q & A

Hot off the press: Google has announced an interactive feature for Slides.

Let your class "talk back" as you are presenting:

  • see their thoughts
  • require their feedback
  • field their questions

NOTE: This is currently ONLY available in your PERSONAL google account.

If you try this with slides from your amersol account, you won't see these features yet. (But, you can share your school slides with your personal google account if you want :)

Video explanation below. (BTW, this is a student-created idea)

Google Slides Laser pointer

Help students follow along by Laser-Pointing to certain places in a slide.

Go to "Present" and choose "Laser Pointer." You'll get a groovy colored dot to swirl around the slide.

NOTE: Only available in your PERSONAL google account. Share your amersol slides with your personal account to get this feature.

Introducing Slides Q&A: A new way to talk with your audience—not at them

Interactive Notes

This program works from within Google Drive and allows students to upload a video link and take notes alongside as the video plays. The notes are "clickable" so the student can go back to a certain piece of information and see the corresponding section of the video.

Students can share their video notes with each other and the teacher; these are stored in a folder in Google Drive.

Who's using this? Kelly Paredes.

Get started HERE. Once you link it up, you'll always have it as an option in your Drive under the red "New" button.

Below, an example using a Crash Course video.

Here's the link as if the student wanted to share the notes (open and choose "Open with")

Big image Tutorial

Audio on Slides

Screencastify add-on

Use a Chrome add-on, Screencastify, to narrate your slides. When you're presenting in class, turn the sound off, but when students review the same presentation at home (over and over if needed!) they'll have your narration to explain everything.

Add on here

Video tutorial here

Interactive Forms

New in Google Forms

  • View responses "live" to see how individuals are responding to your questions
  • Embed YouTube videos or Images directly into a form and post questions about them
  • Form add-ons such as "form limiter" to limit the number of responses; ability to insert complex math equations; and "choice eliminator" to keep students within a set of options.

Full post here, thanks Kelly!

Real-time Results

Make a worksheet interactive using Formative - it's free!

Create the questions, assign students the task code, and see them complete their answers. You can assess quickly to clear up misunderstandings and give specific feedback for improvement in class OR watch from home as students practice for the next class.

Who's using this? Amy Rebancos

Thanks, Kelly, for finding this new tool

Your In-Flight team

Sean Sweeney, Director of Educational Technology

Kelly Paredes, Design teacher and Instructional Coach

Sarah Ducharme, Research Skills and Technology Integration teacher

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