Peek at the Week

Week of 5/9/16

Officially One Month Left- What you Do to Make it your Best for you and your Students?

We are truly in the last month of school! It often feels like this is a hard month to get anything accomplished, but that's not the case! It's a great time to try a new strategy and build off of your existing work to help students go out strong into summer and to make your last few weeks feel meaningful for you as a professional. Here's some great examples-


This Week

May 9- Faculty Meeting (Pink & Blue Cards and PE minutes)

May 10, EarthCapades (Environmental and Science Assembly) K-2: 12:45- 1:30, Grades 3-5: 1:50-2:35

May 10, 3pm ILT Meeting (Morgan, Toller, Witte, Wong, Alexander, Fowlkes, Miller, Plambeck)

May 11- Glenview Construction Team Meeting (Miller, Ross, Ratto, Toller)

May 12- Bike to School Day

May 12- ILT Retreat (Morgan, Fowlkes, Alexander, Witte, Miller, Wong, Wolfe, Plambeck)

may 13- Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

2016 Assemblies

May 18- Interim Housing Committee Meeting (Morgan, Toller, Ratto, Wong)

May 25- SEL Retreat (Cuny, Alexander, Brodsky, Sullivan, Wong, Smith, Litt, Toller, Morgan)

June 1, 9:30-10:15am 2nd and 3rd Grade Drumming Performance

Save the Date!

5/31, BOOM BALL!

5/14, Saturday, Glenview PTA is planning a Goodbye Glenview party...share the invite with alumni!

6/1- Retirement Party at Ms. Zika's House

6/7, 4pm Superintendent's Focus Visit to Sequoia (Glenview invited!)

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Open House!

Thanks again to everyone for an inspiring and joyful Open House!

Report Cards

Report Card Timeline:

5/6/16 - ABI is now open for you to start working on report cards

5/26/16- Report Cards due to Chelsea for Review and Editing

6/3/16- Send Report Cards home so you are all done and can focus on packing the last week

Report Card Support doc with sample comments

Reminder of Glenview Report Card Expectations-

Report Cards should include:

  • A positive statement about each student
  • Data about student progress in ELA,Science, Math, Social Studies, and Writing
  • Provide the range of what grade level is when an assessment result is given
  • Indicatation if attendance is impacting achievement
  • Next Steps for Family's to support their child at home
  • No typos or formatting errors

Free Tech Conference for Educators

EdSurge EdTech Summit for Leaders

Silicon Valley Tech for Schools Summit 2016 in Oakland at La Escuelita

  • Hear about new technology in education
  • Meet other teacher using technology to support learning
  • Free breakfast and lunch

Pride Friday!

Be sure you are ready for Pride this Friday!

Here's an opening statement for you to use to begin your book and lesson on Friday:


Yes, it's that time again....Mr. Miller will be in touch about coordinating the SRI/SMI schedule. Please look at your calendars and begin to plan when you will finish up these assessments for the year.

F & P

All students need an accurate end of year F & P score. Begin to assess a few students a day so you do not get caught off guard at the end of the year! Regular instruction is still expected to continue even while you begin to assess.

Professional Development This Week

Content Focus: Science

-We will close up our Science cycle with reflection and celebration!

Mindfulness: 5/11 (Alexander)

Great Teacher Blog on Writing and Reading Workshop

This is a great teacher blog on Writing and Reading Workshop. If you like them on Facebook, you can get their updated articles.

Here's a great article on using mentor texts during your writing block

Summer School! - refer students now to Ms. Morgan!

Ms. Morgan has been selected as the summer school principal so please refer all questions and student names to her.

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics


DO NOT drop miscellaneous items in the auditorium or in the office related to moving because "somebody" might want this. This includes old instructional materials, technology or supplies.

You are expected to keep everything in your classroom even if you do not intend to move to to SF. During the week of June 6, the auditorium will be set up to accommodate moving "piles".

The auditorium will be in full use through June 3 for graduations. Our office is very small and Ms. Lisa and Ms. Yolanda will have their own work to do to pack up the office. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS IN THE AUDITORIUM OR IN THE OFFICE.

Saturdays at Glenview

School will be open on the following Saturdays:



Text or email Chelsea in advance if you are coming in to work....cell: 408-489-6840

Moving Hearts

Thursday, May 12th is Safe Routes to School Day!

Get out your bikes because Safe Routes to School Day is right around the corner! Glenview will have the smoothie bike, coffee, and bagels to enjoy at the beginning of school as students, parents, and teachers bike into work.

Safe Routes to School is a comprehensive, proven approach to getting more kids walking and biking safely to school. It gives kids and parents skills, encouragement, and inspiration through a range of activities, events, and lessons, while also addressing local pedestrian and personal safety concerns.

Please let your students know to bring their bikes on Thursday, May 12th. Fliers will also be handed out to each class to help remind students of this upcoming event! And if you have a bike, please consider riding in yourself -- even if just part of the way. No doubt the students will love seeing their favorite teachers cruising in on a bicycle!

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible! Be Giving out those Tickets!

Keep giving out those tickets! If your class gets 500, give them a new goal with an added incentive (popcorn?, movie?)

RJ/SEL Online Referral Form

Do you need RJ/SEL support? If you have a request for RJ/SEL resources, please complete the online RJ Referral Form. Questions? Please email