Where is Middle Earth


Culture and languages of Europe

The landscape in Europe is beautifull and fits in perfectly with Middle Earth. There are big lakes, huge snow covered mountians, and amazing caves. The lakes are big and dark blue. There are Huge mountians that go over the clouds and glistering under ground caves and lakes.

An amazing thing about Europe is that there are lots of nationalities in on country. its not like in the United Sattes when you cross a border they are still speakiing english. In Eureope its diffrent, when you cross a broder the language and ethinicty ussually changes. there are over 20 diffrent languages and there are over 60 diffrent religions and mimotaril languages.

The culture in Europe is also very diverse. In some countries there was a bloody history, like the romans that took over most of Europe and some of Africa. In other countrie the past was rather peacfull, for example Switerland didnt get involved in many battles.


I think Europe is the best fit for Middle Earth, because Middle Earth has lots of the same physical features as Europe. For example Europe has lots of beautiful high mountains (Misty Mountains in Middle Earth), Big blue lakes (like lake evndim) and plains with small shrubs and bushes (France, Germany and some Russia).

The Landscape of Europe


Most people might think that Sweden or New Zealand are the best spots for the hobbit. I agree that they are pretty close to what i imagine Middle Earth to be but it is not as close as Europe. Europe has the most fitting physical features, cultures, and languages. Its just naturally the best fit.


In summary of this flyer, Europe is the best fit for middle earth. It has all the right physical features and culture/ethnicity.