Math & Reading STAAR Parent Memo

Reagan Elementary 4th Grade :: May 2016

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With round two of our 4th grade STAAR test days on the horizon next week, the information below will hopefully give you some important tips and answer some common questions parents often have about the Math and Reading STAAR procedures & protocol.


Students should be well rested for the test. If they typically have a consistent bedtime routine it helps to reduce the chance of a sleepless night the night before STAAR. It reduces stress and helps students feel like it is part of their normal routine, not another special circumstance due to STAAR! We would like to treat this as much as a “normal” day, if possible. Nothing to be nervous about, just for the students to do what they know how to do & show what they know.


The math and reading STAAR Tests take place this coming week on Monday, May 9th (Math STAAR) and Tuesday, May 10th (Reading STAAR). To keep kiddos as stress-free as possible, please make sure that your child comes to school on time. Students are able to enter the school as early as 7:15. The first bell rings at 7:35 to signal students that classroom doors are open. The tardy bell rings at 7:45. Coming early allows students to use the restroom before school, eat breakfast, and tend to other daily errands that are part of our mornings. We will start the directions for the test as close to 8:00 as possible. There are certain morning items to take care of (sharpening pencils, organizing the desks, getting attendance done, etc.) so please make sure your child comes to school on time both mornings.


Students need a nice, healthy breakfast everyday, and testing days are certainly no exception! Protein-rich and nutrient dense carbohydrates are highly recommended. A great breakfast keeps tummies full and feeds busy brains to help students do their personal best.


Students will have the opportunity to have a snack during the test, so we encourage you to send a healthy snack or two with your child. Please no sticky, greasy, messy, or sugary foods (“messy” chips, such as Doritos, Cheetos, etc. are extremely messy on STAAR days and can disqualify an answer document - please, save those for other days! Thanks much! :). A healthy snack helps to keep our tummies full and brains supplied with the energy needed to get through a full day of testing. Water bottles are also encouraged; please label them with your child’s name to help avoid any confusion.


Students will eat as close as possible to the same time that they always have lunch. Unfortunately, the campus is closed to visitors on testing days and parents cannot come to the school on STAAR days for lunch due testing procedures.


Our room temperature can fluctuate beyond our control. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt in case they find that they’re chilly. Comfortable clothing is recommended, as long as students follow school dress code.


Students are not allowed to have cell phones or other electronic devices in their possession on STAAR days. We understand that cell phones are needed in many instances, specifically at dismissal times. If your child needs a cell phone that day we are required to collect them for the day. These will be collected and locked in a safe location, and returned at the end of the testing day.


The STAAR test is a relatively new test, specifically due to the shift in the Math TEKS. With all of the changes from moving from TAKS to STAAR in recent years, one of the biggest is the time in which students have to complete this test. Students with no testing accommodations will have 4 hours exactly to finish the each test.

The math test will take place on Monday, May 9th.

The reading test will take place on Tuesday, May 10th.

Retakes for both tests will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 - 12.


All testing rooms will be forwarded straight to voicemail and teachers will not have access to computers or phones on all STAAR days. Due to phone calls being forwarded to voicemail and lack of email access, please make sure that all important messages be left with our front desk to be communicated to us. This includes changes in transportation. All transportation changes must be made by 2:00 please. You may call the front desk at 512.570.7200.


Both Math & Reading STAAR results should be received before the end of school, as well as the Writing STAAR results that was taken this past March. Result distribution is at the discretion of the state; we have absolutely no control as to when we receive the student result reports. However, any information we do receive will be passed along to you as soon as possible.


Please do not schedule appointments on testing days that will require students to miss school or leave school early.


**Students should leave backpacks at home on STAAR days.** They will be supplied with pencils that day and will not need to take home or bring any school supplies home. They may bring lunches in if they’re not buying from the cafeteria that day, as well as two chapter books to read if they finish their test before the testing window is over.


If the students finish their test before the testing window is over, they have the option of resting or reading. They should bring in two chapter books to read when they are finished testing. Please bring these in on Friday, May 6th before the first test day on Monday 5/9.


Students will not be assigned homework the week of STAAR. We want them to enjoy restful, stress-free evenings. Posterboard for the Famous Texan Living Museum will be sent home after the STAAR test is over, but is not due back to school until Wednesday, May 25th.


There is not a test in the world that will ever be able to show the progress that our students have made this year! We are their personal cheerleaders and invite you to not only help us to encourage them to give the STAAR tests their best effort, but to celebrate their knowledge and chance to show off how much they know. These students have worked so hard and come so far. We are proud of them!

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healthy snack

water bottle

lightweight jacket

chapter books - 2

glasses (if needed)


ALL unnecessary electronics


Hope this helps answer some questions you may have. As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive. We love your kiddos and are so very, very proud of how far they have come this year!