Late Adulthood

by: Emma Simmons

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Age Frame

65 years until death
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Key Points

Muscle mass decreases and skin becomes more elastic. Memory degenerates and there are signs of cognitive impairment. Brain suffers from loss of the ability to change structure and function (brain plasticity)

Health Factors Affecting Individuals

-Memory loss

-Loss in muscle strength

-Hearing and vision decline

-Skin loses elasticity

-Weakened immune system

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Health and Wellness Aspects

-Continuing or starting the fitness programs and practices from their 40's and 50's can promote a younger sense of self. It's also good to release stress and tension from the body. Mood elevation and improved self-image are promoted by small and consistent exercises.

-Eating leafy vegetables and dairy can help repel the threat of systemic diseases like osteoporosis. Many older women in this phase experience fractures in the hip bones and other weak places of the body due to this lack in nutrition. Eating right is the easiest way to ensure health and wellbeing.

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Supportive Agencies/Resources

-Nursing homes are available for elderly people needing living assistance

-Adult Day Health Care which gives help to older people to who need institutional support.

-Community Based Adult Services were formed to give support to older individuals and to help them with any disabilities or other weaknesses they may have and to promote self-care.

-Disease Prevention and Health Promotion was created as a way to ensure people going through late adulthood continued on their pathway to health. Routine checkups are scheduled to ensure that these people end their lives as healthy as possible to make their final days as comfortable as possible, in the end.

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Techniques to Reduce Stress

-Nutrition. Eating a healthy diet is a great way to stay positive and happy. Eating right is going to give the person more energy and will reduce stress by making the person feel better.

-Exercise. This is always recommended because a body in motion tends to stay in motion. If being mobile is painful, the person is going to have to worry about finding someone who can help them get around. On the flip side, if you can walk and get around by yourself, there ends up being one less thing that you have to worry about.

-Find a hobby. Keeping yourself busy is a great way to decrease the stress in your life. If you aren't constantly worrying about something, you can relax and take your mind to a peaceful state. The opposite can happen if you are tense and stuck thinking about a difficult life problem.