The Rough-Faced Girl, Native

Rafe Martin and David Shannon

This story was a Cinderella story from a Native American Tribe, it's about a girl who has two older sisters that were that were very mean to her, they made her feed to the fire and soon her skin became burnt and her hair charred. In this Native American their is a figure known as the Invisible Being who was very wealthy. The two sisters asked their father for the most beautiful clothes and moccasins so they could marry the Invisible Being, but to marry the Invisible being you have to see him. The Invisible Being's sister was to determine who would marry her brother. When the sisters went, the Invisible Beings sister asked if they had seen him. Of course they lied and said they did, the Invisible Beings sister knew and she kicked them out. After, The Rough-Faced Girl asked her father for nice clothes too because she wanted to marry the Invisible Being, so she went to him and she saw him. The Invisible Being's sister believed her when The Rough-Faced Girl told her she had seen the Invisible Being, and even though she wasn't dressed in very nice clothes, her heart was kind, and the Invisible Being's sister saw that. And the Rough-Faced Girl and the Invisible Being got married