Friday Focus

From the desk of Christopher J. Blake

Carroll Elementary School believes that by fostering a positive, safe and secure learning environment that includes a comprehensive curriculum and involvement of all stakeholders, all students will be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

Message for the Week

As I reflect back over the week, I am reminded of our school theme this year...Pulling Together. Great accomplishments are not achieved by individuals alone, but rather by individuals pulling together, focused on a goal, and focused on the prize. Alexander Graham Bell said it well..."Great discoveries and achievements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."

As we prepare our SSI students for the upcoming second Administration of the 5th Grade Math and Reading tests, I am amazed at the effort I am seeing from both students and staff. Our students have an opportunity to experience tremendous growth and success. We are already seeing gains! I would like to thank each of you that are actively involved in reaching these students. Our campus has truly pulled together!!! Next week will be our last week of SSI instruction before the second round of tests, so make every moment count...I know you will.

To our 3rd and 4th grade teachers, take this time to focus on "the main thing" that will help your students succeed, or reach the commended mark. What common themes are you seeing based on your formative assessments? Use that data to be a catalyst for improvement. Continue to offer extended opportunities for intervention...I am excited to see how many students are attending tutorials before and after school!

For our 1st and 2nd grade classes, continue to push your students and have them exceed your goals for their reading levels. Guided reading is crucial! Don't be afraid to challenge them in their may be quite surprised at the results you see! The next grade level is depending on you to deliver the best instruction possible.

Remember, in order to see excellence, you must commit to excellence! Epictetus said, "Think things through and fully commit. A halfhearted spirit has no power. Tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes."

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Questions to Consider

  • Are you stepping up to the plate?
  • Are you putting your heart and soul into your work?
  • Do your teammates honestly believe you are giving everything you can?

Carroll News

  • Teachers give us so much. A boost of confidence when we really need one. Extra help when we’re having trouble. A welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough, we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6) to share our appreciation for the special educators in our lives.
  • Summative Conferences-Expect to hear from your appraiser in regards to your upcoming conferences. Please be prepared to share documentation to support each domain.
  • The campus with the largest number of parent surveys completed will be treated to a pizza lunch! Let's make that campus Carroll Elementary!!! Encourage your students to have their parents complete the survey.
  • The deadline for the SISD Teacher Grant Application is Monday, May 2.
  • Lunch and Learn-Monday, May 2 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
  • There will be a faculty meeting Thursday, May 5 at 4 PM in the cafeteria.
  • As a reminder, college shirts and dress slacks are allowed every Monday. Additionally, college shirts may be worn with jeans on Fridays. Carroll shirts and educational shirts are allowed on Fridays, as well.

Parting Thought

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

~Thomas Edison