9th Grade Information

Everything you need to know for freshman year!

Stay up to date on all of the school news!

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The counselors will be in the washington building outside of English classes helping students pick their classes for next school year in the months of February and March..

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Slides Presentation For the Freshman Competition

You will earn 5 credits for every semester class that you pass with a D or higher.

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Freshman Year Checklist

Click here to see what you should be doing every month of your freshman year!

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Progress Report Dates

Semester 1:

6 week - 9/17/2021

12 week - 10/29/2021

Semester - 12/16/2021 (final grades)

Semester 2:

6 week - 3/4/2022

12 week - 4/14/2022

Semester - 6/8/2022 (final grades)

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If you need help in school click on the School Resource Center below. There is tutoring available!

Executive Functioning Resources

If you struggle with organization, time management, planning, Self Control, Working Memory, and Flexible Thinking this resource page can help you strengthen those skills!

Motivation Resources

If you struggle with needing motivation, this resource page can help you set some smart goals and help you get motivated.

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CTE Programs at The Community Colleges