The War of 1812

Olive Stephens

Causes of the War

The war started because of the impressment of sailors and to allow the reopening of trade because British and French ships kept attacking American ships that were staying neutral while the two countries were fighting with each other. In June of 1812 James Madison asked congress to declare war because he did not want any more ships to be captured and destroyed.

The natives were also a problem because the Americans kept moving onto the land that was rightfully the Natives. As the Americans kept moving westward and kept pushing the natives further and further.

Important person of the war

Dolley Madison

Dolly Madison was married to James Madison who was the president during the war of 1812. When the British troop marched to Washington in August 1814 their mission was to burn down the White house and the Capitol building. When people of Washington about this most of them had already fled from the city. Dolly MAdsion though went straight to work about getting a painting of Gorge Washington out of its frame and rolled up and on its way out the door by the time the British troops arrived. She was the last to leave to house right before it was burned to the ground.

The Effects of the War

The effects of the war were that it increased American Patriotism because Americans believed that they could do anything since they had just beaten a super power twice.

It weakened Native American resistance because the Natives had sided with two nations that had lost a war against America.

And it increased U.S. manufacturing because they realized they had so many raw materials that they saw they could manufacture goods and sell and get more money.

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