Daren Johnson

Junior 2015

My Hobbies

I love to play sports. I am currently on the BHS varsity football team. I also play on the BHS basketball and track team. I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends when I am not out playing sports.

My Family

I am in a family of four. I live with both my mom and dad. I also have a ten year old brother in the 6th grade that lives with me also. Also, I have an older brother that currently lives in Mississippi with his wife and kids. My mom works at WalMart, and my dad works at Landmark. Me and my family have have been living in Belton for about six years now. We originally moved here from Oxford, Mississippi where I was born.

My Future

When grow up I want to become either a chef or an ahletic trainer. I love being around sports and ove to eat. I got out to eat all the times and I cook alot at home. For me to become an athletic trainer or chef would be amazing because it has always been something I wanted to do. My uncle is a chef at a five star restuarant down at the plaza, which is what kind of made me want to become one also.

My Summer

This summer I went out of town a lot. I went to Florida for a family vacation. We stayed in a villa that came with a pool and game room. I also went to Mississippi and Memphis to visit family for a while. I stayed with my brother at his house with his sons and daughter. Members of the football team and me went down to Branson to compete with other high school teams. We swam in the pool a lot and played tons of video games during our down time.