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Stop and Save the Endangered Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion description

  • Weight - Male, 350-500 pounds, Female, 250-400 pounds
  • Habitat - They're usual habitat is the Savanna
  • Countries they live in - They mostly live in India
  • Predators - They're only predator is humans
  • Life Span - 16-18 years

There are about 350 asiatic lions left, in the Gir Forest

Reasons for Endangerment

  • The main reason why Asiatic Lions are endangered is because of them being hunted by humans
  • The Asiatic Lion were taken out of their habitat by hunters forcing them to eat cattle, then the farmers protect the cattle by killing the lions
  • Also, when the Asiatic Lion were hunted they could not find good mates, and they would have to inmate


  • The Asiatic Lions habitat is the savanna, because of the animal life and the space to play and run, but now most are at the Gir National Park in India
  • The Asiatic Lion live with groups called prides, these are groups of related females and between one and eight males
  • They are the second largest cats in the world, before the tiger


  • They eat Chital (spotted deer)
  • Nilgai (blue bull)
  • Sambar (largest deer in Asia)
  • Chinkara (Indian gazelle)
  • Wild Boars