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What is Europa?

Europa is one of Jupiter's many moons.It is the smallest of the Galilean moons of Jupiter.Europa is the greatest moons of Jupiter.Europa is also a very interesting reasons.So let me tell you why you should now about this great moon.Europa.
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Why Europa is important

Europa is very important.Europa is a very icy planet of Jupiter.With many cracks and ridges throughout the planet.It is also The smallest of Galilean moons.Under the ice is water because of the hot core of the planet where the ocean is 90-100 miles deep.It has no craters sighted so far on the surface which makes Europa very smooth.Europa also orbits Jupiter every 3 and a half days.Water plumes also fire and end up outside the planets atmosphere.Scientists have found water vapor floating in space near Europa proving that water plumes are shooting out.The ice may be as thick as 16 miles too!

Europa is a cool planet.There might even be living organisms on Europa.Scientists say that is is about 50-90 billion years old.It is 500 million miles from the sun which is why it is so cold and why Europa is an arctic planet.

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Europa: Ocean World


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