Hurling Shafts Of Justice

A S'more on William Lloyd Garrison

Some Pictures Of William Lloyd Garrison

An Explanation Of Abolition and American Values

American Democracy Dictates that all men are created equal. Yet, an entire race is used for forced labor. This insinuates that Blacks are inferior. American Values, did not match up to this. Therefore, abolitionists fought to make this rule -that all men are created equal- apply to all races. And so many people campaigned for this, to get rid of slavery once and for all. William Lloyd Garrison was a newspaper writer, using propaganda , to abolish slavery. His pen fought more, than some of the soldiers in the civil war.

Writing Career

The Genius Of Universal Emancipation

  • Previously Called Manumission Intelligencier, and The Emancipator
  • Author~Benjamin Lundy
  • Co-Author/printer/editor- William Lloyd Garrison
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The Liberator

A newspaper which Garrison wrote as propaganda

  • Strongly Worded
  • Had some old drafts from beginning of Garrison's Career in 1818

The Liberator Staff