WST Weekly Update

March 14 - March 18, 2022

Updated COVID Information

Latest COVID updates:

The Governor's office and the Washington State Department of Health recently updated the K-12 Covid guidance. Following you will find the summary of changes that may impact your student(s) attending WST:

  • Masks are no longer required for staff and students
    • Unless in the health room, TOR, or days 6-10 of isolation without a negative test result
  • A person who tested positive for COVID may return after day 5
    • If they test negative on day 5 or later OR
    • If they wear a mask days 6-10 of isolation
    • Unless they test positive on day 5 or later, then they will need to continue to quarantine for the full 10 days (not test required after day 10)
  • Diagnostic testing is still available to individuals who
    • have symptoms,
    • have been exposed to COVID and want to confirm they do not have COVID -19
    • want to return after their 5-day isolation
  • Contract tracing is no longer required (you will still be notified when someone with COVID is in your building)
  • Please continue to stay home if you have symptoms

At West Sound Tech, all students will be respected for their decision to wear or not wear a mask. If your student experiences any challenges related to masking/not masking, please let us know!

Absence Reports

Each month letters are sent home to families notifying them if their student has missed 2 or more days from WST that have not been excused.

As a quick reminder, parents need to contact WST when students are absent to excuse the absence. If the absence does not get excused, then a report will go home to notify families. Often, it is found that a student had a doctor's appointment or were sick, but WST does not get notified.

From the Student Handbook:




At West Sound Tech, we are preparing students for life and careers. Our attendance procedures meet both the preparation for life for students and the state requirements for reporting an absence. While it may seem like the process duplicates the process, it helps to develop student accountability while also following the law. There are

two steps to the WST reporting process, student responsibility to contact the instructor directly and the parent/guardian responsibility to officially report the absence to the registrar.

STEP 1: Student Responsibility

Just as you would in the workplace, students at West Sound Tech MUST contact their instructor if the student is absent. Contact your instructor by either email or phone, just as you would for a job, and explain your absence to the instructor. (EXAMPLE: Good morning Ms. Sanford, this is Geneva. I am sick and will be absent today. I plan to be back at school tomorrow). Many of our teachers now use REMIND, so you may send a message through REMIND to your instructor as well.

STEP 2: Parent/Guardian Responsibility

A parent MUST report an absence in writing or by phone call. IMPORTANT: Absences MUST be reported to both the student home school and to WST separately.

Parents, please follow-up a student absence with an email to the registrar

(ERIN.MCKIERNAN@WESTSOUNDTECH.ORG), a phone call (360-473-0557), or written documentation with the following information: STUDENT NAME | DATE OF ABSENCE | REASON FOR THE ABSENCE

TRAVEL during the school year: families and staff planning to travel should follow the CDC travel advisory guidance.

Prior to travel, families must notify the principal of any planned international travel or planned travel to any location identified where a COVID-19 variant has been circulating. The must also notify the principal upon return.

WST Spring Break

WST Spring Break is Monday, April 4 - Friday, April 8, 2022. WST will be closed during this time.

For those that have a different spring break than WST, students are welcome and encouraged to attend WST during their spring break, if available, but are not penalized if they are not able to access WST during the sending school spring break. Sending districts do not run bus transportation during their non-sending times.

Progress Reporting 3/16

Progress reporting day is March 16. All students should bring home a progress report home for parent review. If your student does not bring home a progress report, please check their WST Skyward (this is different than the sending school account), or contact the instructor.

Students that are in jeopardy of failing will have a progress report mailed home.

Have questions? Please contact your student's instructor:

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