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To Do:

*Still need TWO (or at least one) teacher to be our visible learning representative (extra PD this year--Summer and Paul did it last year). Email me if interested.

*Have you seen Debi for your Epi-Pen Training?

*Did you read through your confidential health concerns?

*Have you read through and signed off on the 504 plans?

*Plan a time for students to sign their AUP/Handbook


MN at DAC 10:15-11:15

Back to School Night 6:00-7:00




MN at Principals' Meeting in AM


Nurse to come talk to us about diabetic students

Staff Pictures at 8 AM; Underclassmen and Seniors to follow

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 29th: Visible Learning with Kara at LA 12:00-4:00
  • August 30th: All School Speaker 1:00 at LA: Rick Ross
The gift and power of emotional courage | Susan David

Big 3 Lessons (Start the week of 8/26, I think)

Our first overarching topic is all about self-awareness and self-management. This module focuses on helping students gain knowledge of who they are and who they want to be. Students have a growing sense of themselves as individuals, and this self-awareness enables them to reflect on and discuss their thoughts and feelings in greater detail and with a more precise emotional vocabulary. This is the first step to self-management--exercising control over thoughts and feelings. But this same increase in awareness can also lead to feelings of insecurity and negative self-talk.

We will spend 10 weeks diving into this topic. Currently, the plan is to try to discuss one topic per week. Ideally, the topic will be shared the week before (as I'm doing here) so you can think about it. Just like everything else at LA, we do not want this time to feel scripted or forced. We all believe in it which is huge, but it will be up to each adult to find a way to share the info in a way that is true to the adult but most importantly, most receptive to their group.

However, everyone is always juggling a lot at LA, so we don't want the SEL ball to drop because of lack of time to adequately prepare. My hope is that by thinking about it in the back of your head the week before, this will ease the preparation and delivery. And hopefully between the two adults involved, one of you may feel more comfortable to take the lead at times.

Ultimately, there will be a FOCUS for the week. We all need to make sure we understand the focus, but how you achieve it with your carved out time is up to you. I will include a sample lesson that could achieve the focus, but I know each of your fingerprints will make it a time that will stick for our kids.

If seeing this info in our newsletter is NOT valuable to you, PLEASE let me know!

Big picture

Big3 Focus Week of 8/26: Knowing Your Emotional Strengths and Challenges

Big picture

EQ Strengths and Challenges Sample Lesson

Lesson 1: Survey of EQ Skills (Identify emotional strengths/weaknesses)

  1. Circle: “If your friends were asked to describe you in one word, what would it be?”

  2. Define feelings, thoughts, and values as a group. Give the EQ Quiz. This is a good way for you to see what we will be working on together. After quiz, share in small groups examples of times you have used the skills they’ve already mastered during the school day and outside of school. Large group: discuss situations when the EQ skills from the quiz are important or useful.

  3. Reflect: Have students discuss what they think about some of the skills and how they feel about learning about them in future lessons. Allow them to share concerns/hopes. Journal about what students learned about themselves by taking the quiz.

  4. Follow-up: Ask students to notice when they are using the skills. Write about the experiences using the skills in their journals. Observe times when they could have handled a situation differently by putting an EQ skills into action. Identify one skill they want to work on improving and write about why they chose that skill.

**Let's Talk about Handouts and Optional Packet to Hold Student Thoughts/Writing